Beaches in Weston Super Mare, Somerset

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The beach guide has 9 beaches listed in and around the town of Weston Super Mare. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Weston-super-Mare Grand Pier Beach (0.5 miles)

    Weston-super-Mare Grand Pier © All Rights Reserved

    Weston-super-Mare offers all the attractions that one would expect from an established seaside resort. The long stretch of fine, golden beach between Marine Lake and Uphill Sands makes an ideal summertime destination for anyone looking for a traditional British seaside holiday. From the beach there are views of the majestic pier, with its impressive pavilion,…

  • Marine Lake Beach (0.8 miles)

    Marine Lake © Chris Talbot | BY-SA

    The lively seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare has plenty to offer by way of traditional British seaside activities. The pier and promenade have seen significant investment in recent years, and visitors heading to the top of the long stretch of the main beach and promenade will reach Knightstone Causeway, which links the main beach to Knightstone…

  • Weston-super-Mare Beach (0.8 miles)

    Weston-super-Mare © Chris Talbot | BY-SA

    Weston-super-Mare has everything you'd expect from an archetypal Victorian English seaside resort, including a pier, a promenade, donkey rides, fish and chips shops, amusements galore and a vast stretch of fine golden sand. The main beach area lies south of The Grand Pier and during the summer season visitors flock here to sunbathe, build sandcastles…

  • Sanatorium Beach (1.2 miles)

    Sanatorium ©

    One of Weston-Super-Mare's miles of sandy beaches. Located just south of the town centre, near the golf club.

  • Sand Bay (1.9 miles)

    Sand Bay © Interbeat | BY-SA

    A large and relatively wild beach with good views across the Bristol Channel to South Wales. Popular with dog walkers. Sparse amenities, apart from a few local food outlets and a car park. Between Weston Woods and the National Trust headland at Sand Point.

  • Uphill Beach (1.9 miles)

    Uphill © Chris Downer | BY-SA

    Situated at the southern end of Weston-super-Mare's lengthy stretch of beach, Uphill is a world apart from the hustle and bustle you would expect from the seaside resort. However, you won't find quite the same range of facilities at Uphill as on Weston's main strip. Uphill sands is quite similar to Brean beach which sits…

  • Middle Hope Beach (3.1 miles)

    Middle Hope © Dr Duncan Pepper | BY-SA

    Just north of Weston-Super-Mare is the peninsula of Sand Point - a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a world away from the donkey rides and pier. To the south is Sand Bay whilst on the northern side is the little sand and shingle cove of Middle Hope. The beach here is backed by farm…

  • Brean Beach (2.6 miles)

    Brean Beach © Alastc | BY-SA

    The 7-mile stretch of sand and dunes that make up Brean beach lies just over two miles down the coast from Weston-super-Mare. It boasts one of the longest stretches of sand in Europe and at low tide a vast expanse of mud flats are exposed. It is however dangerous to walk too far out at…

  • Brean (South) Beach (3.8 miles)

    Brean (South) © William | BY-SA

    Brean (South) is part of a six mile beach said to be the second longest stretch of sand in Europe. Sand dunes, horse riding and a marshland that attracts many different types of seabird. Beware dangerous mud flats at low tide. Vehicles can park on the beach in designated areas.

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