UK Naturist Beaches

The law in the UK on public nudity and nude sunbathing is a bit of a grey area. In theory, it is perfectly legal as long as one does not 'harass, alarm or distress' others! Baring (!) that in mind we have compiled a list of official and unofficial naturist beaches in the British Isles which should help any prospective naturists enjoy doing what is natural and avoid causing offence.

Have a look at this list of the best nudist beaches in the world if you fancy something a little further afield, although a fair few of them are here in the UK...

Map featuring nudist beaches in the UK. Click on pins to view beach details.

The beach guide has 43 nudist beaches listed.

Please note that in describing these beaches as naturist this does not mean the whole beach can necessarily be considered nudist.

  1. Abbot's Cliff
  2. Birling Gap
  3. Brighton Naturist
  4. Budleigh Salterton
  5. Caliso Bay
  6. Carlyon Bay
  7. Cayton Bay
  8. Church Norton
  9. Corton Sands
  10. Crakaig Beach
  11. Druridge Bay
  12. Eastney
  13. Fairlight Glen
  14. Fraisthorpe
  15. Kemp Town Brighton
  16. Keristal
  17. Llanddwyn Beach
  18. Marros Sands
  19. Meon Shore
  20. Moor Sands
  21. Morfa Dyffryn
  22. Normans Bay
  23. Pedn Vounder
  24. Petit Tor
  25. Porth Kidney (Lelant)
  26. Porthluney Cove
  27. Porthzennor Cove
  28. Rocken End
  29. Sandwich Bay
  30. Scabbacombe Sands
  31. Shellness
  32. Sillery Sands
  33. Slapton Sands
  34. St Osyth
  35. Studland - Knoll Beach
  36. Taddiford Gap
  37. Trawalua Strand
  38. Vault Beach
  39. Wells / Holkham
  40. West Shore Walney Island
  41. Weston Mouth
  42. Wild Pear Beach
  43. Yaverland Sandown