Fraisthorpe Beach (Auburn Sands)

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  • Fraisthorpe is a flat, sandy beach in the East Riding area of Yorkshire. It forms part of Bridlington Bay, a sandy stretch of coastline that stretches on for many miles southwards, down to the Humber Estuary. This makes the beach perfect for walking, with dogs allowed all year round. It is also a good beach for horse riding, particularly in the quieter months of the year.

    In summer, Fraisthorpe is a popular spot for taking a dip in the North Sea, although there is no lifeguard service. It is also a popular beach for kite-surfing thanks to the wide, relatively flat expanse of sand.

    The beach is backed by low clay cliffs and as you head north of the beach there are some spectacular views and cliff-top scenery.

    There is pay-for parking available at Auburn Farm, very slightly raised from the level of the beach.

    The village of Fraisthorpe is set back about a mile from the beach with the nearest large town being Bridlington, about 4 miles to the north. This harbour town has a large range of pubs, shops and restaurants and it is renowned for its shellfish.

    Also known as:

    Auburn Sands

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    Lifeguard service


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    No dog restrictions at any time

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    YO15 3QU

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    TA 1703 6281


    Parking at Auburn farm.

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    Fraisthorpe Beach Reviews

    May 16th 2021

    Disgraceful to fine people trying to pay car parking. Won’t go back

    Feb 10th 2021

    This is our families favorite beach we have many wonderful memories here and we’ve been visiting for many years. During lockdown #3 me and my husband took our children to the beach to blow the cob webs away. Fast forward 2 weeks later ive recieved a parking fine of £100 because we were literally minutes past the amount I had paid to park. The tolerance is zero minutes over the allotted time which is ridiculous so beware and don’t get caught out like we did. To the greedy landowners you make endless amounts of money each year in the summer when your car park and cafe is always full, there is no reason for this new parking system other than greed. Im sure like myself this year many others will choose a different beach to enjoy there downtime but I diffinatly will not be returning here. Thank you for ruining a wonderful beach.

    Received Parking fine dispite paying for parking

    Dec 30th 2020

    A few weeks after our visit we received a £100 fine for failing to pay for parking. Fortunately we still have the ticket with the correct car reg etc. But still forced to pay fine as this is not acceptable prof of payment.

    Mar 28th 2021

    I received £100 fine, which I refused to pay as both machines were not working so it was impossible to buy a ticket; i also tried ringing helpline to no avail so we left after 5 minutes. After arguing my case several times it has now risen to approximately £1600.

    We only went for an ice cream, but now face the prospect of going to court and bailiffs removing goods to offset the debt.


    Jan 27th 2021

    A family member visited Fraisthorpe on Boxing Day. Was unable to pay on the app after numerous attempts so drove away after ten minutes. A £60 fine came through which was unsuccessfully appealed!!

    £100 for car parking!

    Jan 04th 2021

    Like many others we have paid a £100 charge for car parking. It took my wife several attempts to pay by phone. These failed so I paid by card 12 minutes after entering the car park. We received the fine as we exceeded the 10 minute limit. We have visited many times for a dog walk and some food but will be returning.


    Greedy car park owners
    Nov 21st 2020

    The recent instalment of parking meters means if you are 1 sec over your time you pay £100 for you walk along a very mediocre beach. #greedylandlords

    Matt Gant
    Aug 26th 2020

    Great beach for dogs, not crowded ever, decent parking


    Ian Johnson
    Jan 15th 2024

    Just like all the other reviews. The payment machine didn’t work and unable to connect to the Internet to download the app. Scam parking company. Unfortunately I have to say STAY AWAY

    Parking nightmare

    Steve Dick
    Jun 15th 2022

    Hi like lots of people who have written reviews on parking I also received a fine sent to my previous address so when I received a fine of £267 I was shocked to say the least the Bailiff company wouldn’t even tell me when this had happened . I got legal representation and after consultation they said the company operating the parking ELMS legal limited where the Bain of there lives and it would cost considerably more to fight them in court and there where no guarantees I would win so ended up paying or getting CCJ’s We will never go there again they have marred a lovely beach which we have been frequenting for more than 40 years because of pure greed and bullying tactics …shame on you …please avoid this natural beauty spot at all costs or at least Beware of parking scam !!

    Awful parking fees

    Feb 12th 2022

    Maybe a lovely beach but beware of even driving into the car park .... if your not staying then make sure you are out within 10 minutes.


    Jul 28th 2021

    WARNING - PARKING SCAM. Car Park at Cow Shed We paid £1 for an hour left after 53 minutes 3 weeks ago. Obviously don’t have the parking ticket as proof after 3 weeks. We received a parking fine for £60 through the post and if we don’t pay in 14days it goes up to £100. If you appeal it takes 28 days…. come to your own conclusion of the timeline for the appeals process. Looking online there are lots of people (too many which makes it outrageous) that have been scammed with this and some have appealed with proof and still are in legal battles with the parking company. We’ve had too much stress in the last 18 months of Covid and against our principles have paid the £60 for a quiet life. How sad that the owners think it is ok to do this to hard working people after the last 18 months we have all suffered. We won’t be going back and have already warned family and friends about this scam. Be warned, go at your own risk…..

    Jul 20th 2021

    Just reluctantly paid 100 fine, been coming here for years and foolishly never noticed the new charges untill we were leaving we then panicked and try 5o pay by phone but just too complicated, we were I suppose so use to paying the little man and never expected any of these machines and now on reading reviews we will not be coming back incase we have difficulty in paying and get fined again. There must be an easier and fairer way to pay the £5 fee, we loved the cowshed cafe, but sadly won’t be coming back,, Excel need sacking and the beach owners need to drastically rethink other payment options. I have been coming here since 1970, very sad that greed has prevailed.


    Nell Gwenne
    Apr 16th 2021

    Used the beach 2 Saturday’s running paid parking via their app. As far as I’m concerned the payment went through. I naïvely didn’t take a screenshot of the payment. At some point payment has not gone through however no notification to me or I would of rectified this. At the time the app clock is happily counting my minutes down for my parking - I know this as I checked how long we had left whilst walking. Now I have 2 £100 fines. SCAM READ THE REVIEWS ON THE INTERNET HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE IN THE SAME SITUATION ALL I GET IS THREATS OF COURT IF I DONT PAY BOYCOTT THIS BEACH & CAFE!!

    Parking fine

    Jan 27th 2021

    We paid for a parking ticket and still got fined 100 pound not going to this beach anymore .

    Rip off at Fraisthorpe

    Dec 22nd 2020

    Recent visit to Fraisthorpe resulted in £100 parking fine.
    Neither machine working.
    Called the helpline number only to be told “there’s no one here on a Sunday love’.
    Appealed the fine, it still stands and if I appeal again it goes up.
    Absolute disgrace

    Parking hell

    May 03rd 2021

    The beach is beautiful. However be warned pay with your card at the parking machine and keep your ticket. I have come home from holiday to a 100 quid fine. I have proof in a ticket and a bank statement so will see if they try to bully me.

    Shocking parking fine at Fraisthorpe -

    Jul 18th 2021

    I would like to warn everyone about parking at Fraisthorpe beach near Bridlington.  I parked there some weeks ago with a child with additional needs , on a school trip, and his mum had very kindly given me his Parking Disc which I put in the windscreen - displayed very visibly. 
    I duly got a parking ticket for 100 pounds from Excel Parking Services (the company who have now taken over from the lovely man in the wooden hut).  I contested it - and my claim was refused.  Why?  Because apparently what you need to do as it is private land, is to go to the machine, get a ticket and put that in your windscreen too. And apparently it was my fault that I didn’t know that - why would I when I’ve never ever used a Disability Parking Disc before?
    I’ve paid the fine as there is nothing else I can do.
    So, please don’t give these ‘people’ your money - don’t go to Fraisthorpe beach with a vehicle - it might cost you more than the cost of an ice-cream. 
    Please feel free to pass this on.  I hope the local council are proud of themselves

    Parking scam

    May 26th 2021

    Car park fees…..
    scam taking money from people during difficult times .plenty of free beaches around bridlington.