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Best beaches in Yorkshire

Below are a list of the top 10 beaches in Yorkshire as selected by the users of the Beach Guide website.

The current most popular beach in Yorkshire is Granville. If you would like to have your say on which are the best beaches in Yorkshire just follow the link to the beach and vote by clicking the star ratings at the top right of the page.

  • 1. Granville Beach (Redcar)

    Granville Beach (Redcar)

    A stretch of sandy beach with wooden groynes and backed by Zetland park, situated to the south of Redcar town.

  • 2. Whitby Beach

    Whitby Beach

    Whitby has beaches on both sides of the River Esk. On the east side is the smaller Tate Hill, a sheltered sandy beach that allows dogs all year round. On the other side of West Pier is West Cliff, a larger sandy beach with colourful beach huts,…

  • 3. Sandsend Beach

    Sandsend Beach

    A small picturesque beach situated on Yorkshire's heritage coastline. It is a popular haunt with fossil collectors and fishing enthusiasts and the cliffs provide shelter for the casual beach goer.

  • 4. Saltburn Beach

    Saltburn Beach

    Saltburn is a seaside resort with a rich heritage dating back to the Victorian heyday and beyond. The town was developed off the back of the Industrial Revolution and the local iron industry in particular. Whilst the boom times may have long passed…

  • 5. Runswick Bay

    Runswick Bay

    A picturesque bay with a golden sand beach which traditionally provided safe anchorage for fishing boats but is now more popular with holidaymakers.

  • 6. Marske Sands Beach

    Marske Sands Beach

    A sandy beach situated between Redcar and Saltburn.

  • 7. Filey Beach

    Filey Beach

    A long sandy beach set in a wide bay. In town, the beach is edged with a historical promenadeand beach chalets. Close-by to the north, Filey Brigg has some good rock pools to explore.

  • 8. Staithes Beach

    Staithes Beach

    The eminently photographic fishing village of Staithes is reckoned by many to be the prettiest on the east coast. Sitting within the shelter of the harbour and backed by the seafront is a small sandy beach. Staithes is where the North York Moors…

  • 9. Hornsea Beach

    Hornsea Beach

    Hornsea is a classic seaside resort with an extensive sand and shingle beach. A long promenade with newly-landscaped gardens, old wooden breakwaters, plenty of parking and easy access to town facilities.

  • 10. Bridlington Beach (South Beach)

    Bridlington Beach (South Beach)

    The beach is formed by sand, pebbles and chalk from the nearby Flamborough Headland - a Heritage Coast. The beach is backed by the Bridlington foreshore and town.