Llanddwyn Beach (Newborough)

  • Llanddwyn Beach - Anglesey
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  • Llanddwyn Beach - Anglesey
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  • Llanddwyn Beach - Anglesey
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  • Llanddwyn is an excellent sandy beach backed by forest and extensive dunes, at the south-western tip of Anglesey. The beach includes a narrow peninsula (Llanddwyn Island) jutting out into the Irish Sea. 

    Llanddwyn Beach stretches over a mile in length and is one of the largest areas of sand dunes in the British Isles. Also known as Newborough Warren, Llanddwyn Beach is in a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The area is rich in birds and wildlife, and beyond the dunes are mud flats within the National Nature Reserve.

    The beach is particularly popular for kite-surfing, thanks to the exposed westerly aspect from the Atlantic. The miles of golden sand are relatively flat and slope gently into the sea. 

    Nearby, there are excellent footpaths through the Newborough Forest and nature reserve. The forest was planted between 1947 and 1965 as a means of protecting the village from blowing sand while helping to stabilise the dunes. With excellent views of the Snowdonia National Park, it is now well used by walkers, runners, cyclists, bird watchers and horse riders.  

    There is some controversy regarding whether Llanddwyn is a nudist beach; whilst it does attract a number of naturists there has been a degree of hostility from locals. As a popular family beach it may not offer the remoteness of many other beaches around Anglesey’s coast.

    This Blue Flag beach has dog restrictions from May to September.

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    Dogs are not allowed on the western section of the beach (between carpark and healand) from 1st May to 30th September. Dogs are welcome on the rest of this expansive beach all year round.

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    Llanddwyn Beach Reviews

    Aug 21st 2020

    Great sandy beach with superb views over Snowdonia.
    Good car park with leisure facilities at the end of the toll road, on the edge of the forest. On a sunny day, though, you need to get there by mid morning or the car park will be full and the road will be closed.

    Jul 18th 2021

    I live in Newborough. On a warm sunny day during the holidays or weekends, traffic to the carpark is heavy. Recently the parking system has changed so the traffic jams aren’t as bad as they have been. You now pay for parking as you leave. Its £2 up to a maximum of £7 for the day, so the traffic jam is in the forest from 4-6pm as people leave. After 5pm a 2m high barrier is put in place to stop campervans entering. The reports of Newborough being a nudist beach are rumours, its not officially sanctioned, although there’s enough space for someone to get naked and nobody would notice at places far from Llanddwyn and the main carpark.

    Aug 25th 2021

    Gorgeous beach with stunning views and lots of wonderful walks - in the forest or on the beaches. However it is a shame that so many people ignore the rules about dogs - they are everywhere on the western side !! ,many off lead - :(

    A Great Beach For Naturism

    A Beach Nudist
    Feb 17th 2023

    I have spent many hours on many days nude there.

    It isn’t an officially designated naturist beach but has been used by naturists for decades.

    I have walked the full length of both beaches, around Llandwyn island and around the forest in the nude many times. The area is so big it’s possible to avoid other people at a good distance most of the time. I have only had a negative response once in 25 years of going there.

    Most people are aware that naturists use the area and are ok with it.

    I once spoke to an officer at the local police station about it and he said it was ok with them as long it was just simply being nude and there was no lewd activity.

    Another time, I was walking through the forest, heading for the beach and came across a man with Forestry Commission overalls on. I had to walk past him so I slipped on a pair of shorts. I had a short conversation with him and he told he was the forest manager. He told me I needn’t have put the shorts on, he was supportive of the naturists and was happy for us to walk around the forest naked.

    I then used to park up in a small car park in the forest, and walk from my car through the forest to the beach in the nude.

    Some days I walked about 10 miles around the whole area in the nude the whole time.

    Love this beach

    Aug 13th 2022

    I went with my dog at the beginning of the year and we walked to the island, loved the forest coming onto the beach.

    Plan to take her to the western side of the beach now between the months of May-sept as it’s dog friendly so will be perfect for us ????

    Beautiful beach

    Aug 11th 2022

    Lovely beach, good car park. Car park does get full but the beach doesn’t feel to busy. The only downside is that dog walkers ignore the sign for only going left on the beach. This needs better/more signage nearer the beach.
    Enjoyable beach with fantastic views ????.

    Lovely for everyone, just busy

    Aug 09th 2022

    Beautiful beach with picturesque surroundings.  Water was clean, clear and warm, even if it was the Irish Sea - we were expecting Blackpool type sea. Not bad parking charges - think it’s £7 for the whole day.  Dogs ARE allowed on the west side of the beach - it clearly states this on the board at the entrance to the walkway to the beach, so if you don’t have a dog, turn right.  If you are responsible dog owners as we are, turn left, control your dog and clean up after it - don’t ruin it for others.  Toilets, coffee and ice cream available in the car park.  It was very busy when we went (August 22), but we think that’s to be expected at this time of year when the weather is amazing.  Plenty of space for everyone, dog or not!

    Weed smokers and dogs everywhere despite restrictions

    Jul 21st 2021

    No dogs are meant to be on the western bit of the beach but they are everywhere. Weed smokers sat down next to us and played loud music. We went in July.
    Masks strewn across the beach. Needs a physical warden. Cheek to charge when not monitored.

    Car Park Full by 10am

    May 29th 2021

    Be careful… its like Benidorm during the summer months. The Brits fill the car park by 10am meaning that its a very, very long walk along very busy little road if you are late

    Its especially popular by camper van drivers who think they are driving HGVs so take up 2 sometimes 3 spaces.

    Also be careful, dog owners are meant to stay to the left of the walkway. So if you plan to take little johnny or jane onto the beach, don’t build sandcastles on that side of the beach otherwise you might end up with a funny smelling squidgy turret

    Its a beautiful place and that’s its problem

    Nudist beach ?

    Sep 01st 2020

    I have walked the full length of this beach and not seen any indication of a nudest area and was disappointed that I didn’t know where would have been suitable to disrobe