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Best beaches in Somerset

Below are a list of the top 10 beaches in Somerset as selected by the users of the Beach Guide website.

The current most popular beach in Somerset is Stolford. If you would like to have your say on which are the best beaches in Somerset just follow the link to the beach and vote by clicking the star ratings at the top right of the page.

  • Stolford Beach

    1. Stolford Beach

    Pebbly beach looking out onto the expansive mudflats of the Bristol Channel It is possible to find fossils at Stolford beach amongst the bands of shale and limestone which are exposed at lower tides. Unfortunately these are often covered in muddy…

  • Brean Beach

    2. Brean Beach

    The 7-mile stretch of sand and dunes that make up Brean beach lies just over two miles down the coast from Weston-super-Mare. It boasts one of the longest stretches of sand in Europe and at low tide a vast expanse of mud flats are exposed. It is…

  • Burnham-on-Sea Beach (Jetty)

    3. Burnham-on-Sea Beach (Jetty)

    The Victorian resort of Burnham offers traditional seaside facilities and entertainments. The resort has a short, elegant pier featuring a cafĂ© and a variety of amusements. The continuous stretch of sand alongside the resorts of Burnham, Berrow…

  • Sand Bay

    4. Sand Bay

    A large and relatively wild beach with good views across the Bristol Channel to South Wales. Popular with dog walkers. Sparse amenities, apart from a few local food outlets and a free car park. Between Weston Woods and the National Trust headland…

  • Minehead Beach (Terminus)

    5. Minehead Beach (Terminus)

    Minehead's north-facing sand and shingle beach was almost completely washed away in 1990 by a violent storm. A multimillion pound project to replace the beach and the sea wall was completed in 2001. Good for swimming, kite-surfing and windsurfing,…

  • Kilve Beach

    6. Kilve Beach

    The beach of Kilve lies about halfway between Minehead and Bridgwater in the heart of the Quantocks. The shoreline is mostly rocky with plenty of rockpools to explore towards low tide. One of the best features of Kilve beach is the large grassy…

  • Weston-super-Mare Beach (Main)

    7. Weston-super-Mare Beach (Main)

    Weston-super-Mare has everything you'd expect from an archetypal Victorian English seaside resort, including a pier, a promenade, donkey rides, fish and chips shops, amusements galore and a vast stretch of fine golden sand. The main beach area lies…

  • St Audries Bay

    8. St Audries Bay

    Set at the foot of the Quantock Hills is the wide bay of St Audries. A mix of flat pebbles, sand, shingle and rock this is one of the best beaches in the area. As with all the beaches on this stretch of coast the sand gets muddier towards the sea…

  • Burnham-on-Sea Beach

    9. Burnham-on-Sea Beach

    Burnham-on-Sea is one of Somerset's classic seaside resorts due to the exceptional stretch of beach here. Complete with promenade lined with Victorian and Edwardian guest houses Burnham was originally envisaged as a rival to nearby Weston-super-Mare.…

  • Dunster (North) Beach

    10. Dunster (North) Beach

    This wide, sand and pebble beach is backed by a golf course and holiday village. From the beach there are views along Blue Anchor Bay and out across the Bristol Channel towards the South Wales coastline. Located on the edge of Exmoor this area is…