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Kilve Beach - Somerset
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The beach of Kilve lies about halfway between Minehead and Bridgwater in the heart of the Quantocks. The shoreline is mostly rocky with plenty of rockpools to explore towards low tide. One of the best features of Kilve beach is the large grassy area behind the beach which is ideal for picnics.

Like neighbouring Lilstock there is mcuh of geological interest at Kilve. The cliffs here are formed from oil-rich shale and layers of yellow, brown blue lias in which fossils can be found. Kilve is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) so removing fossils from the cliffs and bedrock is prohibited.

The poet Wordsworth once described \“Kilve\‘s delightful shore\” and spent a brief period living at Alfoxden House with his sister Dorothy.

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Kilve Beach Reviews


Feb 22nd 2021

Also fallen victim to this disgraceful scam.

I appealed to Premier Parking (who run it) only for it to be rejected. I have written to the East Quantoxhead Hall Trustees (who manage it) twice, and have been ignored. I have contacted the British Parking Association, who are most unhelpful and say nothing about the complaints (machine being positioned too far away to be able to walk there and back without being fined, lack of card or app payment during Pandemic, state of the toilets, pot-holes, etc) break their code of practice. I have written to the local MP for the area, who has also ignored me.

Avoid the area if you can. It’s not worth it.

Rip off parking with a fine !

May 24th 2021

Kilve beach and the fabulous tea rooms have been a favourite escape for the last 20 years of mine. Not any more !!! Greed has taken over.
Paying for parking I have not objection to. Paid for 2 hours and over stayed by 25 minutes as we were having a Such a lovely time we lost track of time. My own fault. Unable to pay via App or card so could not extend time and had no more cash. Resulting in £100 fine !!!
Web site not working so had to pay extra to call and make payment.
This is pure greed. After a shi**y year being able to escape as a key worker for a break from the madness I have been living in, this is an insult !
I will never visit here again and spread the word. This place was a hidden gem. Now it’s a vile rip off owned by greedy people.

Scam parking charges

May 12th 2021

Having paid for parking, I received a fine. With no ticket to prove my payment for parking, I had to pay £160 or face court action. Disgraceful!

Worth Contesting Parking Charge Notice

Dec 20th 2020

In an update to this - having been given a PCN for staying for a short period in this car park I contacted the BPA.  They agreed that the signage was inadequate.  If you think you have been issued a PCN unfairly then you might want to consider contacting the BPA for advice - they are aware of the issues in this Car Park.

Car parking Scam

Sep 09th 2020

Visited Kilve as we do regularly to enjoy our usual Dog walk during the Summer season as we have a holiday home at West Quantoxhead to find new parking machine although entered registration number & deposited £2 fee as walk normally takes no more than 1 hour to find no ticket printed & then to return to my normal residence to £60 parking notice from scam parking company

So now will be reluctant to return to Kilve Beach carpark which is very sad for us

Do not go here!!

Dom Paterson
Sep 21st 2021

I wish I read the reviews here first. Heed the warnings, avoid this place and move on.  We just got hit with a parking fine like every other person leaving a review here. We will never visit this place again, we will advise everyone we know never to go here and we wish the owners a very short future. I only wish they could accept a 0 star review.

Beach not bad, but the landowners are sharks

Phil Ward
Jun 08th 2021

Like most other people commenting on here I’ve been stung by the parking parasites who are fed by the landowners who evidently loath the people coming to use the beach and want to rip them off.
Fight the parking charge notices - it’s a ballache, but you’ll win if you’re happy to see it through to just before the court hearing when they’ll throw in the towel.
Obviously you’ve come on this forum because you like beaches. What you won’t like is either paying a criminal a big fee to use it or the waste of your time taken in fending them off through the court process. Go somewhere else. When no one comes here anymore and the local businesses are empty the landowners can then either fester in their own bitterness or change their operation to one that provides something of value (car parking) for a fair sum of money - it’s called a business.

Parking scam beware

Sep 02nd 2020

utter parking scam.
You have been warned. Go there, poor signage. Machine is a 10/15 minute walk away and only takes coins.
Come home and receive a £100 parking fine.
Go somewhere else!!!!

Parking scam DO NOT VISIT

Mark P
Jul 21st 2021

As others have also pointed out, you’ll regret parking here!

Parking Scam

James Ross
Jul 19th 2021

Visited Kilve beach for a Fathers Day walk. In all honesty I wasnt sure if parking charges were applicable so walked from one end of the car park to the other in search of payment machines which I couldnt find. looked for any signage referring to online payment facility/app as that is surely now the preferred method during covid but again couldnt find any info. Wrongly assumed parking was free (other nearby car parks have an honesty box) and now have a £70 fine. The Beach is idyllic and a nice place to visit but considering the scanderlous fines these cowboys are issuing it has to be said the parkpark itself is a dump and being used as a cash cow because they certainly arent reinvesting any of the ill gotten gains to improve things. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask!!

Parking Thieves Avoid this Place

Graham Parker
Jun 22nd 2021

I have also been stung by the parking parasites who are fed by the landowners who evidently loath the people coming to use the beach and want to rip them off.

Avoid this place, I did everything you are supposed to do, I paid for a ticket, I appealed to the Parking Nazis but they just threatened me with bailiffs,  no way you can talk to anyone no way you can reason with anyone.

Land owners are thieves, ruining people’s Holidays

Parking scam in operation, landowners seeming ignoring attempts to contact them.

John C
Sep 02nd 2020

The parking scheme in operation at Kilve Beach has been deliberately set up in such a way that it is almost impossible to avoid being fined. Signage is not clear, machines do not take card payments and you cannot buy online. Given the public health situation that is ongoing, this is very poor practice.

If you would like to voice your concerns, email the trustees at East Quantoxhead village hall. So far they have ignored attempts to contact them, but will no doubt not appreciate lots of complaints flooding in and may actually have to do something about the parking situation.

A great place to visit if you are fit and able

May 24th 2022

Not your typical beach, but lots to explore.

Really interesting and attractive geological rock formations and you are sure to see fossils.

It’s definitely not a beach for people who are not good on their feet.  There are very few places where there is sand and where there is, it’s awkward to get to.

You can still walk along the cliff edge for some nice views, but if that is all you will do, you are better off finding a better location for that.

As for PARKING, it looks like at least one reviewer paid with coins but forgot to press the green button to validate the payment.  I almost did that.  They wrote that you don’t get a printed ticket as the ANPR records your visit (you do get a ticket).  If you don’t ‘validate’ your coins, after about 30-60seconds they will be spat out again.  Long enough that you could walk away thinking you have paid and the next person thinks it’s their lucky day.  In your case it won’t be, because you will get a big fat fine!

The machine also says that it accepts payment using the RingGo app.

Note also that in small writing on the sign it says you can park for free between 6pm and 10pm.

At time of writing (May 2022), 2 hours is £2 so quite reasonable really.

Yes the car park and track is very much full of potholes and the toilets a bit grim though.

It’s more of a rugged beach than a typical seaside pretty beach, so know what to expect and you will enjoy yourselves.  No shops are within walking distance, but there is a cafe.

Make sure you don’t walk too close to the base of the cliffs, they are constantly eroding with rocks dropping off; you don’t want to become the beach’s newest fossil!!

£155 penalty!

Dec 09th 2021

I remember paying the parking charge as it was raining and I ended up driving back to the machine to enter my registration plate and pay as it was so far from where I had parked. I have been sent a letter now saying that they will take me to court if I don’t pay £155 as they claim they have sent me two letters already - but this is the first I have heard of it. Avoid!

Parking scam don’t bother!!!

Jul 27th 2021

Paid for 4 hours stayed for 2! Still received a parking fine! Awful money grabbing land owners and parking company!!

Car park cowboys

Jul 07th 2021

I also got stung for a £100 fine.  I know I bought a ticket and didn’t overstay the time.
I suspect the number plate entry keypad wasn’t entering properly.

Scam car park

Jun 02nd 2021

I also parked here,  paid £2 for 2 hours and left after 1hour 15 mins.
9 days later received a £100 PCN fine.
Fortunately I kept the ticket and have submitted an appeal.  They replied that they will make a decision in 35 days.


Feb 03rd 2021

As others have stated, signage is poor. Two machines only at entrance. Not nice walking back a few hundred yards if parked nearest the beach or if infirm. Cash only ( in these Covid times?). Unforgiving video camera on way in and out. £100/60 fine. The potholes are quite a feature.

Kilve Beach itself would get 5* because it’s great - interesting and usually worth it. But if you get caught out (as I did - for a good reason, honest) it’s infuriating.

It’s not a good look for the Kilve area, because a lot of effort has been put in to improved standards for tourism incl car parking. Minehead is a good example. Really upped their game.

KIlve and the landowner need to sort out this poor car parking.

Don't go - Car Park Scam

Jan 31st 2021

The car park is set up as a money making scam to catch out visitors.
Theres no actual payment machines in the long, thin potholed car park, they are no where near and don’t take cards or have an app.
You have 15 mins grace but it will take you this long to find the machines.
They are making £1000s with their £100/£60 fines, don’t add to their wealth.. Avoid.

Car Park Scam

Oct 19th 2020

Along with others - I parked for 15 minutes and 24 seconds (understanding that the first 15 minutes were free, having no coins and finding that the only working ticket machine was 10 minutes walk away.  Received a £60 fine. 
It’s not worth the visit.  Really there are far more beautiful places nearby which also don’t charge for the privilege of driving down a lane

Boycott pot hole mania car park or face £100fines

Sep 19th 2020

I have been unfairly given a parking charge notice. I am 100% sure I am not in the wrong yet I still received a letter facing £60/£100 charge. Parking is suppose to be free from 18:00-22:00 which clearly states all over the car park (unlike their parking machines ,with only has one machine for one big car park which are 10mins walk away from the beach ). So I paid 2hours, expiring a 18:07. I stayed until 19:19 as it was free of charge from 18:00. The letter enclosed states ‘Whole period of parking not paid.’ Excuse me? I have paid the two hours and I have overstayed an hour due to it being free of charge. The landowner’s should scrap PREMIER PARKING or just let people enjoy their time at Kilve without worrying about tickets. Their car park has so much pot holes and I feel sorry for my tyres. I strongly will not recommend parking at kilve but at the same time I hope you will get a chance to visit there when they get rid of charged parking.

An odd sort of beach; parking now OK

Martin H.
Oct 09th 2023

An odd beach, one for the collection for its bizarre geology. Agreeable to sit out on its flat rocky terraces in the strong October sun, but not a full day’s entertainment. Premier Parking have been sacked and the new system (still ANPR controlled) means you pay on exit with a card. Do not omit to do this!

Finally a new Operator

Aug 23rd 2023

Hi The carpark has new operator and is so much better, more options to pay and easy to use machines finally well done

Scam alert

Scam alert
Aug 09th 2023

The car park is a scam. You’ll end up with a charge of £100 and debt collectors at your house. It doesn’t matter if you pay, don’t pay, park correctly, don’t park correctly, overstay, understay etc. they will watch you with cameras, find some minor clause in their terms and conditions then send you a letter in the post demanding £100. Hundreds of people have been caught out. Action Fraud are investigating them and it has even been on the news. STAY AWAY!

Parking Scam

Andy Brown
Feb 25th 2023

This place is a complete scam! If you Google Kilve Car Park Overview Companies House, go to people, then persons with significant interest, and you will find the names and addresses of those who make the money from you, ie Mr James Peter Sutherland, Lord Robert Henry Darling (yes really!!) and Mr Martin William Llewelyn. Why not write to them and let them know what you think? PS try not to be too rude!!

Beach stunning Premier parking be careful!

Laura Page
Aug 28th 2022

Love this beach - no matter how hot it is there’s always space maybe due to it being pebbles/rocks. It’s a national Trust too but PLEASE take care when paying! I paid £4 for our 3 hour stay, (they don’t have a scanner for national trust cards which makes it free) popped in my reg and waited for a ticket which never arrived. Had a lovely afternoon and today I had a £100 fine on my door mat! ANP pics and everything, called them to say paper ran out and no ticket for them to say ‘see you in court!’ ????
We will not be going back during day ever again what a joke. Think you need to re think who you choose as your parking people! We will be finding a new beach to make memories on.


Aug 26th 2022

Rip off carpark poor signage cash only, well hidden meter and £60 to £100 fine if you can’t find meter in 15min AVOID
Beach nothing special unless you want to look at a nuclear power plant being built

Parking scam and horrible beach anyway!

Jun 28th 2022

Car Park scam! Do not park here as you will receive Parking Fine whether you have paid or not!

Parking is a scam

Karen H
Apr 09th 2022

Having to pay for parking when it’s pitch black at night and no-one there is utter nonsense.
And then sending a fine month’s later when you’ve long since got rid of any evidence of paying for it!
Beautiful place ruined by greedy thieving parking scammers.
Someone needs to take them to court.

lovely beach, shame about the parking

Apr 08th 2022

Parking scam, gone down hill, can only pay by cash, then you;ll still most likely get a pcn, toilets on site….  take hazmat…


Jan 14th 2022

Visited in December, parked correctly. Bought a ticket despite not being able to input my registration due to the display not working. Left well within the time and still got issued a £100 fine in the post. Luckily I still had my ticket which proved I had paid. I did appeal and they concluded that the fine still stands as I didn’t input my Reg correctly and have VERY generously reduced the fine to £19.50. WHAT A JOKE!
Beach is lovely but not worth paying into these peoples pockets.

Unfair Parking Fine

Nov 16th 2021

As a local I decided to visit Kilve Beach, having never been there before, it was dusk so low light conditions, I was unaware I’d entered an actual car park as I saw no signs or parking machine as there is no lighting. 10 days later I received a £100 Parking fine. I will not be visiting Kilve Beach again.

£240 and threats of CCJ parking

Sep 15th 2021

I am horrified to find that, without previous communication, I am being threatened with a CCJ for not paying a £240.02 fine for parking for an hour at this beach.  There are no signs in the grassed area and I had no idea.  I cannot see how this can be allowed.  I will never visit again, and nor will I take my children on school trips there.  I am a head of a local primary school

Cover you number plates!

Neil H
Aug 19th 2021


If you do take photographs of your ticket and any other evidence regarding your parking. You WILL need it as Premier Park Ltd will send a parking charge notice (PCN) showing your vehicle entering and leaving the property. Unless you can prove you paid and parked correctly they will threaten you with a PCN in the region of £70-£100.

East Quantoxhead Estate need to be equally accountable for this parking SCAM.

We entered our registration number, paid for a ticket, left the car park before it expired AND still received a PCN!

Parking scam - avoid

Aug 03rd 2021

Paid for 2hrs using the vehicle reg system - no ticket issued as it relies on ANPR. Left after less than 1 hr.
I now have a fine for £100 stating that I did not buy a ticket. I have no proof that I did because not ticket is issued and it only takes coins.
It feels like the place is run by crooks - avoid. I will never go back.
In terms of the place, it is pretty boring and full of dog poo and litter.
This company seems to be operating like this in all its sites (see Branscombe beach reviews - same mafia style extortion).

Parking scammers shameful

Mr James creswick
Jul 08th 2021

Went to parking area to find no machine drive back to machine paid for ticket then drive back too the car park with ticket…few days later fined for no ticket! This is a private ticket from a private company scamming people, I will not be paying as I paid already… and neither should you avoid this car park at all costs

Don't Park Here! Lovely beach, couldn't find parking meter fined £100

May 14th 2021

Visited this lovely beach for the second time in October 2020, the first time the year before no problem, the second time a year later they had installed a new parking company, Premier Park who use video camera’s to police parking.  The parking meter is on the road leading down to the parking area, apporox. 200 yards before you reach it and easy to miss, especially as in my case when another large vehicle was parked in front of the meter.  They allow you to appeal the fine but you instead of paying a reduced fine of £65 you they have to pay £100 for trying to appeal and they still don’t listen, absolute joke, will never visit this beautiful beach again whilst this money grabbing company are in charge of parking.  Take a look at Tripadvisor, same story repeatedly told by others having the same parking problems. Its a shame as the it will damage the local economy as people will not won’t to visit here any more, all because of one greedy company who use sneaky tactics and then refuse to engage or listen to you. Disgrace.


May 04th 2021

Found Kilve beach by accident a year or so ago, and thought what a gem of a place it was, even though the car park was pot holed, not well marked, smelly toilets and was very easy to miss the parking meter for the car park as it is so far away from it, and not even clear that it was for the car park as it was that far away from it, but fair price to park.
On my recent visit drove in and straight out on seeing how expensive car park has become with the car park still pot holed and toilets closed and stinking.
Have since heard and read lots of reports of people being further ripped off by fines by parking company.
A gem of a place which unfortunately in my opinion has been destroyed by greed of land owner and parking company they have employed.


TM zero stars!!!
Apr 22nd 2021

Received fine after taking my disabled mother there on her birthday. As it happens the state of the ground meant she wasn’t able to walk on it and had to stay in the car. Only reason we were longer than 15 minutes is because the kids got out of the car to use the toilets - some expensive toilet facilities they turned out to be!!!


Michelle james
Apr 19th 2021

Appalling. Very poor signage for car park, £60 fine now. I honestly didn’t see any signs to pay to park and last time I went it was free. Wish I’d checked this site first and I wouldn’t have bothered going. Definitely wouldn’t recommend Kilve to anyone now.


Jan 08th 2021

My family and I visited Kilve Beach last week looking to go on a lovely walk. What an awful mistake!!! As we entered we paid £2.20 to stay for 2 hours. I am 100% sure we paid the amount for the time we were there. As it was, we ended up only being there for only an hour and a quarter. Today I received a £100 fine saying I did not pay. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. If you look on Trip Advisor 40+ people have had the same experience. Their car park is a complete and utter scam. DO NOT VISIT, THANK ME LATER. THEY ARE A SCAM.

Disgusting toilet & Potholes

Oct 25th 2020

Beautiful scenery. But paid for parking at 4 pm in October on a Sunday. Lots of potholes, very muddy, and the toilets dangerously disgusting during a pandemic.


Oct 12th 2020

Hi - I too got caught with the parking scam.  Fined £60 if paid within 14 days or £100 if not.  Thankfully found my ticket which clearly showed I had paid.  I appealed but I’m on day 12 and not heard anything. 

Question is do I just pay £60 now or wait to hear from them but then may have to pay £100!!

Has anyone out there genuinely appealed and won ??

Parking scam

Oct 03rd 2020

I have also fallen foul of this parking joke. Parked, walked to machine from the other side of the car park to discover it was coins only. Left as we did not have enough change between us. A week later receive £100 parking fine.