Brean Beach

The 7-mile stretch of sand and dunes that make up Brean beach lies just over two miles down the coast from Weston-super-Mare.  It boasts one of the longest stretches of sand in Europe and at low tide a vast expanse of mud flats are exposed. It is however dangerous to walk too far out at low tide and there are warning signs about staying away from the mud flats on the beach. 

The beach is popular with walkers, dog walkers and beach sport enthusiasts (both on and off the water). 

Access to the beach is easy as there is plenty of parking both next to and literally on the beach in designated areas. Toilets and drinking water are available and there are usually snacks in the form of an ice cream vans and a burger van.

From the beach, Brean Down dominates the skyline.  This 97 metre high headland stretches out into the sea, forming a natural pier.  The more energetic may enjoy climbing up the down and will be rewarded with excellent views over the Bristol Channel and the Somerset Levels. 

The down is also home to a number of interesting archaeological sites.  There is evidence of the area having been inhabited in the Stone Age.  The remains of a Roman temple have been excavated on the south side of the down whilst the remains of an Iron-Age fort lie on the east side. 
At the summit, the remains of a 19th century fort, built to defend against a possible Napoleonic invasion, can be found.

Type of beach

Sand and mud flats

Lifeguard service


Dogs friendly beach?

Dogs allowed

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  • Jet-skiing
  • Kite surfing
  • Sailing
  • Wind surfing


  • Slipway

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OS grid ref.

ST 2958 5851


Parking available. parking charges apply.

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Brean Beach Reviews

Grows on you

Jun 10th 2021

We came here last minute as our holiday to Dartmouth was cancelled. The whole area around this beach is one huge caravan park tbh! But the Mendips are so so beautiful! At first when we got to the beach we didn’t understand it AT ALL, the sea was nowhere to be seen, the beach felt like a huge car park, we couldn’t see any rocks for rock pooling- the sand was compacted and damp apart from at the very top of the beach which was soft white sand. When you squinted you could see the sea…which is brown!! We weren’t impressed at all! Not after brighton where we came from and Bournemouth and Devon and Cornwall beaches, white or golden cliffs and blue crystal clear sea.  BUT after going away and buying lots of beachy games due the children to play with and on return parking closer to the front, so that our view was out to sea, we set up camp and I have to say we had a really LOVELY day on the beach!! We had a camp stove and cooked our lunch, so handy having the car right there!! We played loads of games, we didn’t have to worry about sand everywhere bcoz it was damp and compacted where our spot was. Abs the sand is fantastic for drawing in and building castles!! And playing games on. And as the tide came in around 3.30, we had the best swim bcoz the water is so shallow for ages and so so warm you can just walk straight in. So safe for children to swim and play in! I started to notice more the scenery out to sea too- really beautiful. I started to look into why the sea was brown that night and it’s just a matter of geology so now I understand that, it’s just one of nature’s beautiful things! So all in all, we will be visiting brean beach again for sure. Also bcoz it is so huge, the cars that drive onto it and park- are able to be really spaced out- in all our photos of the day you can only see us, huge beach expanses and our own car. They aren’t crammed in and that was during a very hot day in half term just after lockdown!

so much mud,

brean man
Oct 20th 2020

small children were disappearing into the endless expanse of mud. 100% was mudtastic.


Sep 25th 2020

I live in Weston and prefer to come to brean it’s open spacious easy to park
And generally a lot cleaner than Weston beach


Sep 04th 2020

Went for a great day, took the dog who enjoyed it, not crowded with idiots who prefer crowded town beaches, very clean

Beautiful and picturesque

Aug 19th 2020

I have been holidaying to brean for over 20 years and whilst I used to stay for summer holidays and half terms enjoying breans stunning beach was just one of the joys.  I now bring my children to experience the same beauty and make great memories they absolutely love it.  Crabbing, brean down walk.  Quote: “ this is the best day ever!” Spoken from the mouths of babes.  Bad reviews simply mean someone is having a bad day how could you possibly say this beach is a dump.  What rubbish, go back when you are having a much better day and you will see.

What’s this about a bad beach? (Recent reviewer)

Aug 12th 2020

The person from Bournemouth’ who said it’s a ‘crap’ beach I assume holidays in Barbados every year.(yes Bournemouth is nice if you like being packed in like sardines in a can) It’s one of the biggest beaches in Europe ‘fact’ and yes there are mud flats further out so just avoid walking out that far in low tide (warning signs anyhow to discourage that kind of thing) parking on the beach is a bonus (saves carrying all the supplies too far) and there’s enough room at low tide for the population of Cornwall and Devon if they want ???? I’m not ‘local’ in the true sense of the world but I’m proud of our beaches here and a great alternative to sitting on the M5 in traffic jams on a sultry August day trying to go down south in my opinion any day of the week.


Aug 03rd 2020

Honestly the worst beach In the whole country! Living in Bournemouth has made me realise how lucky I am to have such gorgeous beaches. Visited today as I use to holiday here as a kid and wow it’s horrible muddy sand tide was coming In surrounded by clay, sea was brown! Sorry but there’s a sign saying “voted number 1 beach in UK “ what crap!! It’s awful cars parked all over it! Nah not good at all

Lovely wide beach

Jul 24th 2020

Very convenient to be able to drive onto the beach. A great place to take the dogs- a wide open beach, lots of space.

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