Beaches in Alnwick, Northumberland

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The beach guide has 17 beaches listed in and around the town of Alnwick. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Alnmouth Beach (4.5 miles)

    Alnmouth © Michaela Wenzler

    Alnmouth beach sits in a wide sandy bay at the mouth of the River Aln (hence the name!). On the north bank of the river, behind the beach is the pretty little village of Alnmouth, a clutch of elegant red-roofed houses that almost spills down to the sand. The village was once home to an…

  • Boulmer Beach (5 miles)

    Boulmer Beach © Ds Pugh | BY-SA

    The first thing to know about Boulmer is it is pronounced 'Boomer'. It is a little fishing village situated in the middle of the Northumberland coast and its character has remained pretty much unchanged over the years giving it a timeless feel.

    Strangely for a fishing village there is no harbour in Boulmer. Instead the boats…

  • Sugar Sands Beach (4.9 miles)

    Sugar Sands © Ds Pugh | BY-SA

    The name Sugar Sands sets expectations pretty high for this secluded, sandy beach - the good news is you won't be disappointed. Whilst the sand isn't actually made of sugar, it is crunchy and a beautiful pale-golden colour.

    The beach sits at the foot of low grassy cliffs and is bordered by rocky outcrops which are…

  • Longhoughton Beach (5.1 miles)

    Longhoughton © Ian Capper | BY-SA

    Longhoughton (also known as Howdiemont Sands and Burn Mouth) is a lovely remote beach made up of sand, shingle and rocks. At low tide it is wide and predominantly sandy, but much of the sand is covered as the tide comes in. The beach is an excellent spot to explore rock pools, fish, or take…

  • Craster Beach (6.1 miles)

    Craster © John Dawes | BY-SA

    The lovely little village of Craster is known for its smoked kippers, art galleries and bracing coastal walks. In the first few years of the 20th century, this was a centre for herring fishing and the smoked kippers from the area were once exported throughout Europe. Today only one smokehouse remains. The harbour we see…

  • Warkworth Beach (6.3 miles)

    Warkworth © Michael Preston | BY-SA

    Warkworth Beach is less than a mile away from historic Warkworth village, between Birling Carrs and Amble Breakwater. Visitors to the village often miss the beach, but those who make the trip are rewarded with a vast expanse of pristine, golden sand stretching as far as the eye can see. Whether you've come here to…

  • Embleton Bay (6.9 miles)

    Embleton Bay © Andrea Hope | BY-SA

    Embleton Bay is a long stretch of golden sand overlooked by the dramatic ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle. Running behind the beach is the Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Club and a little way beyond this the medieval village of Embleton. This section of the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is very much unspoiled and the…

  • Newton Haven Beach (7.7 miles)

    Newton Haven © Alan Fearon | BY-SA

    Newton Haven, about 9 miles from Alnwick, is a vast sand and rock beach that is part of the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

    The beach is in a relatively sheltered bay, making it popular for swimming but also other water sports such as surfing and windsurfing. It is also particularly popular with bird…

  • Bamburgh Castle Beach (13.6 miles)

    Bamburgh Castle © Rickbowden

    Majestic Bamburgh Castle, once a Norman stronghold towers over the wide expanse of pristine, sandy beach, backed by sand dunes.

    Bamburgh Castle beach is a perfect place to go for long, wind-swept walks at any time of year. The water temperatures don't really get particularly warm even in the height of summer, but in…

  • Beadnell Bay (9.8 miles)

    Beadnell Bay © Peter Robinson | BY-SA

    Beadnell Bay is a wide, sandy beach in a horseshoe shaped bay just south of the village of Beadnell. The glorious golden sand, curves around the bay forming a natural harbour. To the rear of the beach are grassy sand dunes and fields beyond.  

    Beadnell is a popular town for holidaymakers thanks to a large caravan…

  • Seahouses Beach (12.3 miles)

    Seahouses © Richard West | BY-SA

    Seahouses lies on the Northumberland coast approximately mid-way between Bamburgh Castle and Beadnell. The town has excellent amenities and is a popular destination for both tourists and locals. The small harbour was built in the late 19th century, and today it provides shelter to a number of attractive fishing boats. Boat trips leave from the…

  • Seahouses South Beach (11.3 miles)

    Seahouses South © Joan Sykes | BY-SA

    Seahouses is a bustling seaside town on the Northumberland Heritage Coast. Boat trips from the harbour take visitors on wildlife-watching trips to the Farne Islands in the hope of seeing puffins, grey seals and even dolphins. The stretch of sandy beach to the south of the Sunderland Point is not as big as the North…

  • Druridge Bay (11 miles)

    Druridge Bay © Russel Wills | BY-SA

    This beach forms part of a 7-mile long stretch of sandy coastline which curves gently round Druridge Bay, and is the part of the bay closest to the seaside village of Amble with its harbour, restaurants and "shopping pods". In spring and summer, the dunes backing the beach provide ideal conditions for some interesting wild…

  • Druridge Bay (12.3 miles)

    Druridge Bay © Glenn Smart

    Druridge Bay is a 7-mile stretch of golden sandy shoreline, backed by grassy dunes. The beach here runs south from Amble, all the way down to Cresswell. Along this part of the coast, which curves gently around a wide bay, are the remains of pill-boxes and anti-tank blocks, being the remnants of defences placed here…

  • Cresswell Beach (13.8 miles)

    Cresswell © John Darch | BY-SA

    Set on the southern edge of Druridge Bay is Cresswell beach. The sandy beach here is one of the best on the Northumberland coast. The gently sloping sand is backed by extensive sand dunes and can seem to go on forever at low tide. At this state of tide there are also a few rocky…

  • Druridge Bay (13.9 miles)

    Druridge Bay © Richard Dawson | BY-SA

    Druridge Bay is the seven-mile long stretch of coastline, backed by an extensive dune system, between Amble in the north and Creswell in the south. This beach forms the section at the southern end of the bay, closest to Cresswell. The Blackemoor Burn runs into the sea here, from a body of water, which attracts…

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