Beaches in Kingsbridge, Devon

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The beach guide has 19 beaches listed in and around the town of Kingsbridge. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • North Sands Beach (4 miles)

    North Sands © Richard Weymouth | BY-SA

    North Sands is a sandy beach located to the south of Salcombe and is an easy fifteen minute walk along Cliff Road from the town centre. The nearby ruins of Salcombe Castle, also known as Fort Charles, provide an impressive backdrop to this already beautiful beach. Although the beach is relatively small compared to a…

  • East Portlemouth Beach (3.6 miles)

    East Portlemouth ©

    Set across the harbour from Salcombe East Portlemouth is far quieter than Salcombe\'s other beaches. The beach itself is a long sandy stretch which becomes a series of smaller coves at higher tides - Fishermans Cove and Smalls Cove which lead down to Mill Bay. With clean shallow water this is a great spot for…

  • Sunny Cove (4.1 miles)

    Sunny Cove © Robin Lucas | BY-SA

    Directly across the estuary from Salcombe's popular North Sands and South Sands beaches is the lovely little Sunny Cove. Apparently named because of its sunny aspect the beach here is also slightly more exposed to the wind and waves than Salcombe's other beaches. Access is generally easiest from the adjacent Mill Bay beach or the…

  • Mill Bay (4 miles)

    Mill Bay ©

    A stunning, privately owned beach at the mouth of the Salcombe estuary. Golden sand, clean, safe swimming and rock pools. There is a small car park at the beach, or access it using the East Portlemouth ferry from Salcombe.

  • South Sands Beach (4.3 miles)

    South Sands © Shaun Ferguson | BY-SA

    An unspoilt sandy cove at the mouth of the Salcombe - Kingsbridge estuary. Some parking close to the beach, or take the passenger ferry from Whitestrand Quay in Salcombe. Facilities for canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and diving.

  • Seacombe Sand / Rickham Sand Beach (4.9 miles)

    Seacombe Sand / Rickham Sand © Philip Halling | BY-SA

    This lovely little secluded beach is tucked away on a section of National Trust owned coast across the waters from Salcombe. There are actually two beaches separated by a small headland; the larger Seacombe Sands (Gara Rock) and smaller Rickham Sand (also known as Abraham's Hole). At low tide both beaches form a more or…

  • Thurlestone Beach (4.1 miles)

    Thurlestone © Jeff Collins | BY-SA

    Thurlestone offers the visitor two sheltered sandy beaches to choose from. Leasefoot, the smaller of the two lies next to Thurlestone Golf Club, while the larger Thurlestone Sands is just along the coast, closer to South Milton. Thurlestone Sands is a popular location for a wide variety of watersports. 

    Because Thurlestone Sands is accessed via a…

  • Leas Foot Sands Beach (4.2 miles)

    Leas Foot Sands © Philip Halling | BY-SA

    Leas Foot Sands is a lovely little sandy beach located in front of the Thurlestone Golf Club, just north of Thurlestone beach. The beach here is nearly always far less busy than its better-known neighbour and is often more sheltered from the breeze by the headland of Warren Point. There is plenty to do at…

  • Thurlestone Beach (4.2 miles)

    Thurlestone © Philip Halling | BY-SA

    Thurlestone Beach is actually two distinct beaches separated by a rocky outcrop.

    To the north is a smaller beach which is adjacent to Thurlestone Golf Club in and south of the outcrop a bigger beach that sits on the coast in the direction of South Milton. The two beaches share many of the same characteristics and…

  • Moor Sands Beach (5.3 miles)

    Moor Sands © Philip Halling | BY-SA

    Moor Sands (or Moorsand) is something of a misnomer as there really isn't much in the way of sand here. The beach is in fact mostly made up of smooth pale-coloured pebbles and a few rocks. There is however a bit of sand below the high water mark.

    Also known as Vernick's Cove, the beach is…

  • Yarmer Beach (4.4 miles)

    Yarmer Beach © Philip Halling | BY-SA

    Yarmer beach is a good-sized stretch of sandy beach a little to the north of the better known Thurlestone beach. Actually Yarmer is the closest beach to the village but as there is no direct car access to the beach it is something of a hidden gem.

    Whilst the beach here has virtually…

  • Soar Mill Cove (5 miles)

    Soar Mill Cove © Tony Atkin | BY-SA

    This small, remote beach is a genuine rural idyll and one of the prettiest in Devon. Soar Mill Cove is surrounded by dramatic rocks and cliffs and the craggy heath of Bolt Head. To the back of the cove are the gentle, rolling green hills of the South Hams.

    When the tide recedes, a…

  • Gammons Head Beach (5.8 miles)

    Gammons Head © Bill Boaden | BY-SA

    A small, sandy cove, sheltered by high cliffs, that disappears at high tide. Accessible on foot only, via the South West Coast Path and a steepish climb down. There are no facilities. The nearest parking is at East Prawle Point.

  • Mouthwell Sands Beach (4.7 miles)

    Mouthwell Sands © Martin Bodman | BY-SA

    Mouthwell Sands is a small, family-friendly beach on the northern side of the picturesque fishing village of Hope Cove. A stream runs down the beach that is very popular with children who will love spending the day splashing about in it with buckets and spades. The beach is sandy and it is sheltered from the…

  • Hope Cove (4.8 miles)

    Hope Cove © Philip Halling | BY-SA

    Hope Cove consists of two sandy bays, Inner and Outer Hope. As the name suggests Inner Hope is more sheltered and is actually home to a small harbour tucked away behind the rocks at the northern end.
    The twin beaches back onto the charming village which has plenty of facilities making this a popular family beach.


  • Elender Cove (5.9 miles)

    Elender Cove © Mattvaux7 | BY-SA

    Elender Cove lies just shy of the most southerly headland in Devon, Prawle Point. The lovely, sandy little beach here is well and truly nestled among the rugged cliffs of this little-explored area of the South Hams.

    Something of a hidden gem, Elender Cove is all but invisible when the tide is in. However,…

  • Horseley Cove (6.1 miles)

    Horseley Cove © Martin Bodman | BY-SA

    Set within the broad arc of Lannacombe Bay, which stretches from Prawle Point to Start Point, this long pebble and sand beach is one of South Devon's most secluded (and southerly) spots. Only accessible from the coast path or a pleasant walk from the village of East Prawle you won't have to deal with summer…

  • Woodcombe Sand Beach (6.1 miles)

    Woodcombe Sand © Derek Harper | BY-SA

    One of a number of rarely visited little coves tucked away between Prawle Point and Start Point. Set at the foot of steep, verdant cliffs Woodcombe Sand is something of a mission to get to. With no nearby parking you're best off walking around from Start Point, but most will agree it is well worth…

  • Lannacombe Beach (6.1 miles)

    Lannacombe © Bill Boaden | BY-SA

    Lannacombe beach is one of South Devon's true hidden gems. Nestled away between Prawle Point and Start Point this is a spot to avoid the summer crowds which flood the South Hams other beaches. It is roughly the same distance from the popular towns of Dartmouth and Salcombe but the route is very…

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