South Hams - Most Beautiful Beaches

South Hams
  • Bantham © | BY-SA

    1. Bantham Beach

    Situated at the mouth of the River Avon, Bantham beach looks out over Bigbury and Burgh Island. Backed by sand dunes and the rolling hills of the South…

  • Blackpool Sands © Tony Atkin | BY-SA

    2. Blackpool Sands Beach

    The crescent-shaped beach of Blackpool Sands is set against an attractive backdrop of pines and the rolling South Hams countryside. The beach itself is something of a misnomer as the…

  • Bigbury on Sea © Mark Hadley | BY-SA

    3. Bigbury on Sea Beach

    This large, sandy beach, with plenty of facilities, lies within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)  between the rivers Avon and Erme in Devon's lovely South Hams. 

    At high tide the beach joins the mainland…

  • Great Mattiscombe © Jonathan Billinger | BY-SA

    4. Great Mattiscombe Beach

    Great Mattiscombe Beach, sometimes known as Mattiscombe Sands is a delightful sand and rock beach, backed by rolling hills and low-rise cliffs. There are some quite spectacular rock formations

  • Thurlestone © Jeff Collins | BY-SA

    5. Thurlestone Beach

    Thurlestone offers the visitor two sheltered sandy beaches to choose from. Leasefoot, the smaller of the two lies next to Thurlestone Golf Club, while the larger Thurlestone Sands is just along the coast, closer to South Milton. Thurlestone…

  • Burgh Island © | BY-SA

    6. Burgh Island Beach

    Located near the small, seaside village of Bigbury-On-Sea, Burgh Island is a small tidal island whose beaches are only visible at low tide. 

    Burgh Island is renowned as a famous former haunt of pirates and smugglers. However,…

  • Thurlestone © Philip Halling | BY-SA

    7. Thurlestone Beach (North)

    Thurlestone Beach is actually two distinct beaches separated by a rocky outcrop.

    To the north is a smaller beach which is adjacent to Thurlestone Golf Club in and south of the outcrop a bigger beach that sits on the coast in the…

  • Beesands © Jeff Collins | BY-SA

    8. Beesands Beach

    Beesands Beach nestles between the sea, a freshwater lake called Widdicombe Ley and the tiny village from which it gets its name. The village features little more than a small church, and a row of houses, shops and pub looking out onto…

  • Bovisand Bay © Derek Harper | BY-SA

    9. Bovisand Bay

    Bovisand is a sheltered bay which is easily reached from Plymouth. It has fine golden sand and low-rise cliffs on either side.

    The beach at Bovisand is very wide when the tide is out, creating plenty of space for playing on the…

  • Yarmer Beach © Philip Halling | BY-SA

    10. Yarmer Beach

    Yarmer beach is a good-sized stretch of sandy beach a little to the north of the better known Thurlestone beach. Actually Yarmer is the closest beach to the village but as…

  • Lannacombe © Bill Boaden | BY-SA

    11. Lannacombe Beach

    Lannacombe beach is one of South Devon's true hidden gems. Nestled away between Prawle Point and Start Point this is a spot to avoid the summer crowds which flood the South…

  • Ayrmer Cove © Martin Bodman | BY-SA

    12. Ayrmer Cove

    This hidden cove lies at the foot of a valley just to the west of Challaborough. A pretty spot flanked by silvery white cliffs and backed by the rolling hills of the South…