Beaches in Maybole, Strathclyde

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The beach guide has 6 beaches listed in and around the town of Maybole. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Craig Tara Beach (5.8 miles)

    Craig Tara © Wfmillar | BY-SA

    Craig Tara is located on the Ayrshire coast and is backed by a lively holiday park. The beach itself is a mixture of rocks and sand, and is a good place to look for marine wildlife in the rockpools which are exposed at low tide. Although the beach becomes quite narrow at high tide, it…

  • Heads of Ayr Beach (5.8 miles)

    Heads of Ayr © Wfmillar | BY-SA

    Heads of Ayr is a remote sandy beach backed by a low-lying fields in an area dominated by high cliffs. With excellent views out over the Firth of Clyde across to the Isle of Arran, and to the town of Ayr a few miles to the north, it is a good place to go for…

  • Croy Beach (3.7 miles)

    Croy © Mary And Angus Hogg | BY-SA

    This lovely rural beach lies on the Ayrshire coast between Maidens and Dunure. The beach at Croy is sandy with rocky outcrops. The area is popular with walkers and the Ayrshire Coastal Path passes close by. The mile-long beach is backed by grassy areas, with low-rise cliffs at one end, behind which can be seen…

  • Greenan Beach (6.2 miles)

    Greenan © Hamish Kirkpatrick | BY-SA

    Greenan is a sandy beach, with a few rocks, nestled in between the mouth of the River Doon and a small headland on which Greenan Castle, a tower house from the 16th century is perched in a commanding position overlooking the beach. Walking is a popular pastime in the vicinity and there are a number…

  • Doonfoot Beach (6.4 miles)

    Doonfoot © Hamish Kirkpatrick | BY-SA

    This small, rural beach can be found 2 miles south of Ayr on the lovely Ayrshire coastline. There are views over the Firth of Clyde out towards the Isle of Arran and beyond that to the Mull of Kintyre Peninsula. The terrain is mainly sandy, although there are some rocks, and the beach is backed…

  • Dunure Beach (4.8 miles)

    Dunure © Gordon Montgomerie

    Dunure is a picturesque village on the Ayrshire coast, built around a small, historic harbour. The harbour area has an inn, popular with diners and a number of picnic tables. The beach at Dunure is mainly shingle, with some areas of dark sand and has a number of rocky outcrops. Next to the beach can…

Maybole beaches map

Map featuring Maybole beaches. Click on pins to view beach details