Beaches in Hunstanton, Norfolk

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The beach guide has 6 beaches listed in and around the town of Hunstanton. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Hunstanton Beach (0.4 miles)

    Hunstanton Beach © Richard Humphrey | BY-SA

    Hunstanton is the only resort town in East Anglia which faces west, making the beach relatively sheltered from sea breezes and an excellent place to enjoy watching the sun set.

    There are two main areas of beach, the part nearest the resort being mainly made of shingle and boulders leading into the sea, and just north…

  • South Beach (0.8 miles)

    South © Andy Peacock | BY-SA

    The south beach is found at the southern end of the Norfolk seaside resort of Hunstanton. It forms part of a long stretch of predominantly sandy coastline which stretches all the way up the coast from Snettisham and faces west across the sheltered waters of The Wash. The wide, sandy beach, which can get fairly…

  • Old Hunstanton Beach (1.5 miles)

    Old Hunstanton Beach © Richard Humphrey | BY-SA

    Set a little way to the north of Hunstanton is the pleasant little village of Old Hunstanton. Just far enough from the resort town of Hunstanton the village manages to retains its own character. The beach itself is a world away from the pebbles of Hunstanton main beach. Instead it is an expanse of fine…

  • Heacham - North Beach (2 miles)

    Heacham - North Beach © Stephen Mckay | BY-SA

    This beach forms part of the predominantly sandy coastline stretching up the Norfolk coast from Snettisham and around the North Norfolk coast. Unusually for Norfolk, Heacham faces west, which means that it is a good spot to come to watch the sunsets. There are also views across The Wash towards Lincolnshire. The golden, sandy beach…

  • Heacham - South Beach (2.3 miles)

    Heacham - South Beach © Dennis Smith | BY-SA

    Also known as 'Stubborn sands', Heacham South Beach is found along the long stretch of predominantly sandy coastline which runs north from Snettisham. Close to the southern outskirts of the town, this beach is one of Norfolk's only beaches to face west (as this is the East coast!), making it a good spot to witness…

  • Holme next the sea Beach (2.6 miles)

    Holme next the sea © Graham Taylor | BY-SA

    Just along the coast from Hunstanton is the little known gem of Holme Beach. This expansive sandy beach is big enough and far enough off the beaten track to never get busy, even mid-summer. Towards the high-tide mark the sand is softer and mixed with shingle which gently slope up to the low dunes. As…

Hunstanton beaches map

Map featuring Hunstanton beaches. Click on pins to view beach details