Beaches in Rye, East Sussex

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The beach guide has 6 beaches listed in and around the town of Rye. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Winchelsea Beach (2.8 miles)

    Winchelsea © Ian Capper | BY-SA

    Winchelsea Beach is a small, rural resort, much quieter than many of the more developed resorts along this stretch of the south coast. It was first developed as a resort in the early 20th century. The gently sloping beach is made up of shingle rather than sand, although when the tide is out a large…

  • Camber Sands Beach (3.1 miles)

    Camber Sands © All Rights Reserved

    Camber Sands is a little unusual for a Sussex beach and the reason is right there in the name. Yes, sand! Unlike most beaches along the Sussex coast which are lined with pebbles and shingle held in place by a series of groynes, Camber Sands is covered in fine, golden sand. Not only that but…

  • Pett Level Beach (4.7 miles)

    Pett Level Beach © N Chadwick | BY-SA

    Pett Level is a quiet beach situated just beyond the the cliffs at Fairlight Cove, between Rye and Hastings. As with the majority of beaches along the Sussex coast Pett Level is mainly pebble/shingle which is held in place by a series of wooden groynes. As the tide drops, a decent sized area of…

  • Broomhill Sands Beach (4.2 miles)

    Broomhill Sands © Stefan Czapski | BY-SA

    Just east of Camber Sands is the lesser known Broomhill. Whilst it may not be nestled amongst the sand dunes in quite the way as its neighbour Broomhill is still one of the best beaches around.

    There aren't much in the way of facilities at Broomhill but there is an ice cream van during the…

  • Fairlight Cove (5.8 miles)

    Fairlight Cove © Glyn Baker | BY-SA

    Backed by high, unstable cliffs, Fairlight Cove is perhaps best known by fossil hunters. Regular landslides provide a constant stream of newly uncovered rocks from the ancient past. Finds here have included both dinosaur bones and footprints but bivalves and plants are more common.

    The beach lies between the more popular Fairlight Glen in Hastings…

  • Fairlight Glen Beach (6.9 miles)

    Fairlight Glen © Oast House Archive | BY-SA

    Fairlight Glen is a popular naturist beach, also enjoyed by non-naturist visitors. It is found in a suitably secluded location overlooking Covehurst Bay a mile or so east of Hastings. Whilst people do swim here, bear in mind that there are hidden rocks submerged in the surf and that there is no lifeguard service.


Rye beaches map

Map featuring Rye beaches. Click on pins to view beach details