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  • Camber Sands is a little unusual for a Sussex beach and the reason is right there in the name. Yes, sand! Unlike most beaches along the Sussex coast which are lined with pebbles and shingle held in place by a series of groynes, Camber Sands is covered in fine, golden sand. Not only that but Camber is home to the only sand dunes in East Sussex.

    The best section of beach is the western end near where the River Rother empties into the sea. Here it is wall to wall sand whilst further along the beach becomes more shingley. It’s a big beach too, stretching nearly 5 miles east of the village. As the tide drops out it becomes even bigger with swathes of wet sand revealed - just the sort for making sandcastles!

    Camber Sands is a popular windsurfing / kitesurfing spot which might suggest it is worth packing a windbreak. The beach is also regarded as one of the best  places for beachcombing in the UK.

    Despite its fantastic natural assets Camber Sands remains largely unspoilt. For the larger part of the year there is a good chance of finding some solitude here. Even in the height of summer the crowds are bearable even though it is within 2 hours of London.

    It is probably a combination of the beach’s location, expanse of sand and undeveloped backdrop that have drawn a number of film makers here over the years. As far back as the 1950s Camber Sands was being used as a stand in for the beaches of Dunkirk, in a film of that name. More recently the beach was used as a film location for The Theory of Everything and The Monuments Men.

    Type of beach

    Sand & shingle

    Lifeguard service


    Dogs friendly beach?

    Dogs are allowed between May and September but must be on a lead and restricted between Zones F & H on the beach.

    East Sussex dog friendly beaches »


    • Kite surfing
    • Swimming/bathing
    • Wind surfing


    • Cafe/restaurant
    • Toilets
    • Disabled facilities
    • First aid point
    • Lost child centre
    • Shop
    • Slipway

    Nearest town



    TN31 7RT

    OS grid ref.

    TQ 9620 1859


    The car park. providing approximately 3000 spaces (including disabled spaces). is adjacent to the beach. There is a charge for parking.

    Water quality

    Water quality star rating

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    Camber Sands Reviews

    The best beach near London

    May 26th 2021

    It is by far the best sandy beach near London. So, very popular but luckily it is huge so there is space for all even on the hottest days. You really need a car to get there - it takes 5.5 hours by public transport, and don’t even THINK of talking the last train back (two carriages, making the London rush hour look like a walk in the park!). If you drive, get there early otherwise you can expect to park on the side of the road and walk 45 mins to the beach.

    People moaning about the lack of “facilities” are mindless. It is a BEACH, and a beautiful one. Huge skies, and wonderful sunsets. Mother Nature did not see the need to construct a resort. Bring towels, umbrellas, suncream and a picnic. On a good day, you can almost forget that you are living on an overcrowded, gloomy little island full of whinging morons.

    Jul 11th 2019

    many people will judge a beach by its facilities but the true wonder of a beach is its wilderness, so much of Britain is paved tarmac and shops the beach of camber is a place to get away from all that beautiful sand, sunsets and warm water (warmest in June/July).

    Jan 21st 2020

    Amazing beach. Hours of fun for the kids.

    Our favourite Sussex beach !

    Graham D. Goodall
    Jul 13th 2019

    We always visit Camber - just love the dunes !  So easy to get to as well from London.

    Best beach in SE England

    Mar 25th 2021

    One careless dog-owner doesn’t pick up his dog poo and another visitor gives probably the best beach in SE England a 1-star rating. Bizarre thinking.

    The absence of “facilities” at Camber sands is to me and, I’m sure, many others one of its main attractions. It means it doesn’t get overrun by hordes of day-trippers every time ?the sun puts in a brief appearance during our English summers. We do sometimes have exceptionally hot days, of course, but who in their right mind travels to the coast on those days expecting solitude?

    Amazing time with the kids

    Aug 03rd 2020

    The first time to visit the Camber Sands beach and I’m planning to go back at the end of the week. This heavenly beach on the coast is the cleanest and family-friendly beach I have ever visited. The tide is out most of the day which gives room for large puddles of water for the little one and large wet sand area for the kids to run around. The water is shallow for a long distance so no need to be an athletic swimmer to have fun. Give it a try you won’t regret.
    To get a good spot for the car park must wake up quite early.

    Fav Beach close to London

    Jul 09th 2021

    Best beach close to London, miles of soft golden sand, warm blue sea, wonderful early morning sunrise, and the sunset’s are unbelievable.
    Who needs Europe when we have this on our doorstep (1hr 15 mins via train from London).
    The sea is clean (due to being tidal), unlike the MED, no tide, so the crap just keeps floating around near the shoreline.
    Would recommend anyone to give it a try, we have been so many times, but still keep returning.


    Jun 25th 2021

    Without doubt its the best beach I have ever been to in the UK. The sand is soft and the water is warm and shallow, great for kids. A few shops and eating places are available but not so many to spoil it. Fantastic and friendly Lifeguard Team who make you feel safe. Parking is available and if you want cheap accomodation close by there is a Pontins Holiday Park just a 2 minute walk away.

    Oct 09th 2020

    best beach in england!!!

    I loved camber sand

    Aug 26th 2023

    I love to visit there one more time

    Parking extortionists

    Jul 18th 2023

    £30 to park in a field! The beach is nice, just don’t bother going camping near Rye and popping down to the beach each day as you will soon run out of cash

    Recent visit very disappointing

    Oct 31st 2022

    Usually a lovely beach to visit, but on our recent visit - Sunday 30th October - I came away feeling depressed by the condition of the beach.
    I guess that it maybe something to do with the time of year and the strong tides - I really don’t know.
    These was so much rubbish washed up, mingled in with the natural debris of seaweed, shells and cuttlefish.  It was quite disgusting to look at. 
    These days when visiting any local beach, I gather up bits of rubbish along my walk most of which is little bits of washed-up plastic.  I was not feeling very well and did not want to deal with the rubbish on this occasion.  Instead my thoughts went to, Why is this beach so bad today.  Is it all rubbish generated by today’s tide or is this from days, weeks…. And, does Camber beach cleaning workers or volunteers?  If not, they should.
    Next time I go, I will take my gardening gloves and some carrier bags and work at picking up rubbish.  I hope others do the same.

    Good beach

    Aug 26th 2021

    Good beach , need more facilities such as more public toilets

    Aug 03rd 2021

    Alright beach. Lots of sand and surrounded by the sea. Can’t complain really

    A great beach

    James B
    Jun 17th 2021

    Great unspoilt beach. There are some shops and cafes, and a few houses, but most of the beach is left to nature.
    The beach is not dangerous: there have been a few incidents in the last decade due to non-swimmers/drinking/wearing unsuitable clothes.


    Aug 22nd 2022

    This beach is absolutely gorgeous! It’s lovely soft sand, nice sea (when the tide finally comes in, when it’s out you can walk for miles and not even get the your ankles wet!) and the dunes are stunning. A really great family beach with easy parking (although we get there early) and some cafes and toilets. Recommend!

    Bit strange

    Jun 13th 2021

    Bit strange that camber sands is listed online as one of the top ten dangerous beaches in the world due powerful riptides that are able to drag even the most advanced swimmers into deep waters ?
    And there’s no mention of this anywhere here that I’ve seen so far ?

    Aug 10th 2020

    Wouldn’t visit again during a heatwave as it was so busy the Coastal officer was Also rude. He refused to tell me where the toilets were saying it’s not his job to tell me while shrugging his shoulders.

    Poor experience

    Sep 15th 2019

    Very disappointed with camber sands, virtually no public toilets they are only in the central zone of the beach if you walk along the prom towards the kite surfing area there are no toilets at all, with all the thousands of people that visit more toilets are needed, beach area was dirty we saw two big piles of dog poo near the waters edge with children playing in the sand within a few feet, the beach and surrounding area are characterless and run down, plus point full lifeguard cover for main beach when we visited in September on a sunday, all in all a very over rated place wouldn’t visit again

    No public toilets! Muddy beach! No parking!

    Jul 18th 2021

    It’s more likely to be called Camber mud, where instead of the sand it’s muddy and if you want to be sunbathing next to the sea you will seat literally in a muddy paddle. Also, the drive to get to the beach is nothing comparing to finding a parking spot. At last, no public toilet for miles, so the only place to go is in the sea. Disappointed