Beaches in Amlwch, Anglesey

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The beach guide has 8 beaches listed in and around the town of Amlwch. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Bull Bay (1.3 miles)

    Bull Bay © L S Wilson | BY-SA

    This little, sheltered cove is overlooked by a small village. With facilities close at hand and plenty of rock pools to poke around in this is an ideal spot to bring the kids. There is a large slipway and plenty of good spots for fishing in and around the bay.

  • Porth Eilian Beach (1.9 miles)

    Porth Eilian © Colin Park | BY-SA

    The small bay of Porth Eilian is set on the fairly remote north-eastern tip of Anglesey. The name comes from the rocky headland to the east - Trwyn Eilian (Point Lynas). It is well worth walking out to the lighthouse for the views back to the bay and along the coast. 

    This is also a…

  • Porth Wen Beach (2.8 miles)

    Porth Wen © Ohefin | BY-SA

    Porth Wen is an interesting little bay just west of the popular Bull Bay. Despite it's attractions Porth Wen is quite off the beaten track and mostly frequented by fishermen. The shoreline here is fairly rocky and a host of rockpools are uncovered as the tide drops out. Towards the western end of the beach…

  • Porthygwychiaid Beach (2.9 miles)

    Porthygwychiaid © Bob Jones | BY-SA

    The beach at Porthygwychiaid is a secluded, wide crescent of shingle on Anglesey's east coast. This is about as remote and rural as you'll get on Anglesey and while access to the beach itself is not difficult you will have a fair walk from the nearest parking.

  • Porth Cynfor Beach (3.4 miles)

    Porth Cynfor © Ian Taylor | BY-SA

    With a name (Hell's Mouth) somewhat more dramatic than the actual beach itself some visitors may be left a little disappointed. Sitting in the lee of Llanlleiana Point (the most northerly point in Wales) this little pebble and rock cove is generally fairly sheltered. However, one has to imagine the sea here is churned into…

  • Porth Llanlleiana Beach (3.7 miles)

    Porth Llanlleiana © David Medcalf | BY-SA

    Located between Porth Wen and Cemaes Bay, at what is the most northerly point in Wales, is the small pebble cove of Porth Llanlleiana. Set in a green grassy valley, the beach itself is fairly unremarkable, but this is a very pleasant spot. Just behind the beach are the remains of Llanlleiana porcelain works. Pottery…

  • Traeth yr Ora Beach (4.1 miles)

    Traeth yr Ora © Colin Park | BY-SA

    This lovely wide, sand and shingle beach is just far enough off the beaten track to make this one of Anglesey's true hidden gems

    The beach itself is a long stretch of sand and shingle at high tide. As the tide drops out an expanse of flat sand is revealed.

    Set between its more popular neighbour,…

  • Lligwy Beach (4.9 miles)

    Lligwy © John S Turner | BY-SA

    Wide, sandy beach located just around the corner from the village of Moelfre. The beach of Traeth Lligwy is backed by low sand dunes giving it a wild, open feel, which is exactly what it is. At low tide a large expanse of firm sand is revealed providing all the space you could need for…

Amlwch beaches map

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