Traeth yr Ora Beach

  • Traeth yr Ora Beach - Anglesey
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  • Traeth yr Ora Beach - Anglesey
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  • Traeth yr Ora Beach - Anglesey
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  • Traeth yr Ora Beach - Anglesey
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  • This lovely wide, sand and shingle beach is just far enough off the beaten track to make this one of Anglesey’s true hidden gems

    The beach itself is a long stretch of sand and shingle at high tide. As the tide drops out an expanse of flat sand is revealed.

    Set between its more popular neighbour, Lligwy beach and the mouth of Afon Goch (Red river). A little way off the coast is Dulas Island with its pointed tower. It is said the tower was built by the lady of Llys Dulas Estate to offer shelter to any shipwrecked sailors who might wash up on the island.

    With the nearest parking around a mile away at neighbouring Lligwy the beach is usually quiet throughout the year.

    Type of beach

    Sand & shingle

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    • Good fishing

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    SH 4896 8858

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    Traeth yr Ora Beach Reviews

    Calm from human storm

    Julie Plant
    Jun 03rd 2021

    Found this beach whilst on a coastal walk from Lligwy and returned on the recent May Bank holiday Monday. Whilst Lligwy was heaving from tourists and locals set free from lockdown and rain, this beach was the haven for us and not too many others. If you don’t mind a walk and check the tide times you will be rewarded with a lovely, relatively peaceful sandy beach (family with jet ski and speed boat!) No parking, toilet or refreshment facilities nearest such facilities are at neighbouring Lligwy beach about 1 mile away.

    Money Money Money

    Aug 06th 2023

    Beautiful beach as always,been coming for over 30 years was unspoilt but now a shepherds but dominated the cliff top, apparently you can do what you want it you have money,the heli pad will be next. Come on Simon stop being so selfish.

    Disgraceful beach hut

    Disappointed local
    Sep 22nd 2022

    Beautiful beach, unchanged for 60+ years until that carbuncle of a shepherd’s hut placed on the headland.  Apparently for shooters.  There never has been shooting on that part of the estate because of footpaths.

    Shepherd’s huts have never been part of Anglesey farming practice.  I weep for this selfish act.

    Rhag eich cywilydd.

    Beautiful Beach

    Aug 31st 2022

    Great little beach, which stays relatively quiet as you need to walk to get to it or get there by watercraft.

    Someone has given it a 1 star review because of people coming with speedboats and jet skis… really!

    I detest the noise pollution and the attitudes of (some of the type that use these PWC but it doesn’t stop Traeth yr Ora being a beautiful beach for any one of us to use.

    Remember 90% won’t make the effort to get there… happy days!????

    No longer a hidden gem

    Aug 19th 2022

    Arrived last Sunday and thought I had been magically transported to Ibiza. Counted 13 speed boats / jet skis, music blaring from different directions. Didn’t stay long. So dissapointed that this beautiful usually peaceful beach was spoilt by Marbella wannabees????


    Blin - have to give 5 star but hate the hut
    Aug 24th 2021

    How can a hut like this be allowed in an area.of outstanding natural beauty. What is the point if having aonbs if monstrosities like this as are allowed by the council. Perhaps the owners were confused and thought they were in city Benllech ( or Benidorm) not city Dulas.

    Jul 23rd 2020

    Spoilt by a monstrosity of a shepards hut on a beautiful prior unspoilt area. Money does not seem to buy taste or sense.