Beaches in Dawlish, Devon

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The beach guide has 8 beaches listed in and around the town of Dawlish. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Dawlish Beach (0.2 miles)

    Dawlish © Inspiredimages

    Dawlish town beach, a mixture of sand and shingle, follows the curve of the sheltered bay from Lea Mount to Langstone Rock, a distance of over a mile.

    Great for swimming, with pleasure boat trips around the bay in summer. There is a wide, scenic footpath on top of the sea wall at the back of…

  • Coryton Cove (0.4 miles)

    Coryton Cove © Tim Marshall | BY-SA

    Coryton Cove, formerly known as Gentleman's Cove is a small, secluded sand and pebble beach on the outskirts of the town of Dawlish. The crescent-shaped beach is less busy than others along this stretch of the coast and rewards visitors with a vista of soft, golden sand, flanked by stunning cliffs of iron-red Devon rock.


  • Holcombe Beach (1.3 miles)

    Holcombe © Lambert | BY-SA

    Holcombe beach is quite narrow strip of sand and shingle, flanked by dramatic red cliffs. Running alongside the beach is a low sea wall along which it is possible to walk to Teignmouth. Directly on top of the sea wall is the railway line which runs between Teignmouth and Dawlish. The nearby village of Holcombe…

  • Dawlish Warren Beach (1.8 miles)

    Dawlish Warren © Lewis Clarke | BY-SA

    Backed by sand dunes, the sheltered location of Dawlish Warren offers a mix of natural beauty and traditional family entertainment; go-karts, golf, and amusement rides, as well as water sports are all available. It is also possible to hire beach huts on a daily or weekly basis. From part of the beach, there are stunning…

  • Teignmouth Beach (2.7 miles)

    Teignmouth © Inspiredimages

    Teignmouth, on the mouth of the River Teign estuary makes an excellent base for a day out at the beach. This traditional South Devon seaside resort has some fine examples of Georgian architecture along with a Victorian pier. It is also situated on the South-West coastal path and the area is popular with walkers.

  • Teignmouth Back Beach (3.1 miles)

    Teignmouth Back Beach © Chris Allen | BY-SA

    Teignmouth Back Beach is a small sandy harbour in the centre of Teignmouth, complete with working boats and fishermen.

    Fishing and boat trips are available from the harbour and a regular ferry runs across the river from here.

    Also known as River Beach, dogs are allowed here all year.

  • Ness Cove (3.4 miles)

    Ness Cove © Chris Allen | BY-SA

    Tucked away underneath the cliffs of the Ness Headland is the secluded beach of Ness Cove. The beach here is nearly always less busy than nearby Teignmouth and as a result it is popular with locals.

    Access to the beach is through the intriguingly-named Smuggler's Tunnel, which leads the visitor through the rocks of the Jurassic…

  • Shaldon Beach (3.2 miles)

    Shaldon © Alan Hunt | BY-SA

    The delightful Shaldon Beach lies on one of the most dramatic parts of Devon's south coast, at the mouth of the River Teign. The beach is a mixture of red sand with some areas of shingle and slopes gently into the calm, blue waters of the estuary. The coast beyond the beach is backed by…

Dawlish beaches map

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