Beaches in Dartmouth, Devon

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The beach guide has 4 beaches listed in and around the town of Dartmouth. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Sugary and Castle Cove (1 miles)

    Sugary and Castle Cove © Philip Halling | BY-SA

    Overlooked by Dartmouth Castle, Castle Cove is a tiny, relatively wild, sand and pebble beach looking out onto the mouth of the River Dart. The beach is backed by cliffs, rocks and trees. It can be easy to miss because the beach is hidden by trees until visitors are almost on top of it and…

  • Leonards Cove (2.2 miles)

    Leonards Cove © Bill Boaden | BY-SA

    Leonard's Cove is a small shingle beach close to Dartmouth. There are toilets and a campsite nearby. Access via Stoke Fleming village.

  • Blackpool Sands Beach (2.6 miles)

    Blackpool Sands © Tony Atkin | BY-SA

    The crescent-shaped beach of Blackpool Sands is set against an attractive backdrop of pines and the rolling South Hams countryside. The beach itself is something of a misnomer as the sand is in reality mostly a coarse shingle – there is some sand towards the top of the beach though.

    There are sandpits for…

  • Landcombe Cove (3 miles)

    Landcombe Cove © Derek Harper | BY-SA

    This isolated cove set between Slapton and Blackpool Sands is a great escape from the summer crowds, but also well hidden. Not only that, unless you have your own boat the climb down is fairly challenging. It is a lovely spot though; a generous curve of beach backed by high cliffs gives a feeling of…

Dartmouth beaches map

Map featuring Dartmouth beaches. Click on pins to view beach details