Beaches in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

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The beach guide has 12 beaches listed in and around the town of Milford Haven. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Gelliswick. Milford Haven Beach (1.1 miles)

    Gelliswick. Milford Haven © Robin Lucas | BY-SA

    Gelliswick is a sheltered sand and shingle and sits in a bay close to Milford Haven. The beach got its name from the Vikings who invaded this part of the coast of Pembrokeshire which is why there is a ‘vik’ suffix applied to the name which means harbour. It used to be popular for swimming…

  • Freshwater West Beach (3.7 miles)

    Freshwater West © Mariosp | BY-SA

    Freshwater West Beach is a long strip of sandy beach which is backed by the extensive dune system of Broomhill Burrows. It is an area with a fascinating history as it was once used by smugglers as a place to stash their booty. 

    Located on Wales' exposed west coast the beach at Freshwater West picks up…

  • Sleeping Bay (3.2 miles)

    Sleeping Bay © Robin Lucas | BY-SA

    Sleeping Bay is a pretty little cove on the western side of Sandy Haven (just off Milford Haven). It is not a well known spot and not really a beach you would head to for a family day out. It is, however, a peaceful, sheltered spot with great views out over the waterway. The beach…

  • Sandy Haven Beach (3.2 miles)

    Sandy Haven © Robin Lucas | BY-SA

    Sandy Haven Beach sits on a large creek which flows from the Milford Haven Waterway between Dale and Milford Haven. When the tide is low there is just a small trickling stream left from the creek and which you can cross to the eastern shore. The beach here is mostly rocky but it does have…

  • Frainslake Sands Beach (4.7 miles)

    Frainslake Sands © Ian Paterson | BY-SA

    Frainslake Sands sits just south of Freshwater West and is a wide expanse of golden sand punctuated by the occasional rocky outcrop. Unfortunately for beachgoers Frainslake sits within the Castlemartin military firing range meaning it is mostly out of bounds to the general public. There is a very real danger of injury here as the…

  • Neyland Slip Beach (3.9 miles)

    Neyland Slip © Gordon Hatton | BY-SA

    Neyland Slip is a small area of mud and shingle beach located next to the slipway. Part of the parish of Llanstadwell, Neyland was once a working harbour and busy fishing village. With easy access to the sheltered waters of Milford Haven water sports are popular here. Sailing is a particular favourite here and you…

  • West Angle Bay (3.5 miles)

    West Angle Bay © Colin Bell | BY-SA

    West Angle Bay Beach is a small, sheltered beach close to Milford Haven.

    The beach is made up of golden sand with rocky headlands at either end meaning it is protected from some of the wind. It is also something of a sun trap picking up the afternoon rays.

    The beach is popular for swimming and rockpooling,…

  • St. Ishmaels (Lindsway Bay) (4 miles)

    St. Ishmaels (Lindsway Bay) © Dara Jasumani | BY-SA

    St. Ishmaels Beach (Lindsway Bay) is located in Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire and is a small beach nestled close to the village of St. Ishmaels. The only way to get to the beach is to walk down a pretty coastal path, or you can also walk across some fields directly from the village. The walk…

  • Flimston Bay (6.9 miles)

    Flimston Bay © Alistair Hare | BY-SA

    Flimston Bay is another of Pembrokeshire's beautiful hidden beaches that fall within the Castlemartin MoD firing range. But the beach is rarely visited for a host of reasons; it more or less disappears at high tide; there is a lack of access several days a week because of military exercises; and the fact it is…

  • Little Haven Beach (5.6 miles)

    Little Haven © Christopher Davies | BY-SA

    Little Haven beach lies in St Bride’s Bay immediately next to the picturesque fishing village of the same name. The beach forms a natural cove, flanked on either side with rocks. Little Haven beach itself is a mix of wet sand and pebbles. When the tide is in the beach is really quite small but…

  • Broadhaven Beach (6 miles)

    Broadhaven © Gordon Hatton | BY-SA

    The village of Broadhaven grew as a resort during the Victorian era. Despite its small size it has a rather grand sea front complete with promenade. Today it is still a popular spot, largely owing to the quality of the beach here which is a regular recipient of the Blue Flag award.

    At high tide all…

  • Bullslaughter Bay (7.3 miles)

    Bullslaughter Bay © Alistair Hare | BY-SA

    Despite the rather macabre sounding name, Bullslaughter Bay is actually a very pleasant little beach. Set in a cove of high limestone cliffs, punctuated by caves and arches this is a great spot for explorers of all ages. The inviting clean, clear water here is perfect for a paddle and swimming is generally safe, although…

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