Beaches in Goodwick, Pembrokeshire

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The beach guide has 8 beaches listed in and around the town of Goodwick. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Goodwick - Harbour South Beach (0.3 miles)

    Goodwick - Harbour South © Ceridwen | BY-SA

    Goodwick Harbour is a sandy beach within the walls of Fishguard Harbour from where a ferry service operates to Rosslare in Ireland. It is separated by the harbour wall from Goodwick Sands. Whilst the beach is popular for walking, swimming, water sports, and watching the ferries entering and leaving the harbour at low tide, at…

  • Goodwick Sands Beach (0.4 miles)

    Goodwick Sands © Jonathan Thacker | BY-SA

    This beach, with its mix of sand and shingle, lies close to the Fishguard-Rosslare Ferry Terminal which is linked by train to London. The beach is divided by a series of wooden groynes and has a sea wall composed of quarried boulders. There is a narrow promenade and a breakwater along which it is possible…

  • Porthsychan Beach (2.8 miles)

    Porthsychan © Jeremy Bolwell | BY-SA

    Set in a sheltered cove near the north-westerly tip of Pembrokeshire is the pleasant little beach of Porthsychan. What the beach lacks in sand (it is mostly shingle and pebble) it makes up for in charm. Here you will find an abundance of rock pools and the waters within the little bay are generally quite…

  • Pwll Gwylog Beach (3.4 miles)

    Pwll Gwylog © Derek Harper | BY-SA

    The secluded Pwll Gwylog cove is set at the foot of a deep valley through which a stream snakes. The small curve of shingle beach is flanked by imposing slate cliffs, which provide some shelter from the wind on this north-facing beach. The easiest way to access the beach at Pwll Gwylog is from neighbouring…

  • Pwllgwaelod Beach (3.8 miles)

    Pwllgwaelod © Rob Burke | BY-SA

    Pwllgwaelod Beach is a small sandy beach that is encircled by cliffs with views across the water to Fishguard Harbour. The cliffs offer some protection from the wind and at low tide there is a good stretch of sand. The beach is also one of the starting points of a trek that stretches for three…

  • Pwllcrochan Bay (3.9 miles)

    Pwllcrochan Bay © Ceridwen | BY-SA

    The small bay of Pwllcrochan is located on a remote stretch of the north Pembrokeshire coast. To the north the beach is overlooked by the headland of Trwyn Llwyd and there are steep cliffs to the back. None of these provide much in the way of shelter as the beach is west facing so picks…

  • Aberbach Beach (4.4 miles)

    Aberbach © Martyn Harries | BY-SA

    This small pebble cove sits at the bottom of a wooded valley. As the tide goes out, the beach becomes progressively more sandy. However, as the tide returns the beach shrinks rapidly. The name Aberbach means \"little river mouth\" and there is indeed a little river that runs down the northern side of the beach.…

  • Abermawr Bay (4.6 miles)

    Abermawr Bay © Robin Lucas | BY-SA

    The remote, rural beach at Abermawr Bay sits in a cove on the north Pembrokeshire coast and faces north-west. It is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest along with the wider Abermawr area and is part of the pretty Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The beach itself is set between earthy cliffs and is…

Goodwick beaches map

Map featuring Goodwick beaches. Click on pins to view beach details