Beaches in Cardiff, Glamorgan

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The beach guide has 5 beaches listed in and around the town of Cardiff. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Penarth Beach (3.3 miles)

    Penarth © Mick Lobb | BY-SA

    Penarth is a popular resort just to the south of Cardiff. The beach here is mostly pebbles, but towards the sea it becomes increasingly sandy, with plenty of exposed sand at low tide.

    Due to the proximity of various river estuaries, there are strong currents and the water is often a murky brown with silt. Despite…

  • St Marys Well Bay (5.3 miles)

    St Marys Well Bay © Capt' Gorgeous | BY-SA

    Nestling between Sully Island and Lavernock Point, the bay here is backed by steep cliffs at one end and by dense trees at the other. The terrain is a mixture of sand, pebbles and rocks. At low tide a large area of mud and wet sand is exposed with seaweed-covered stones. The beach has views…

  • Bendricks Beach (6.7 miles)

    Bendricks Beach © Tony Hodge | BY-SA

    Bendricks Beach is one of the lesser-known beaches close to Barry resort in South Wales. At high tide it is not much more than a rocky outcrop, but when the tide is out a small section of sand and shingle is exposed. The beach’s main claim to fame lies in the fossilised dinosaur footprints to…

  • Jacksons Bay - Barry (7.4 miles)

    Jacksons Bay - Barry © David Roberts | BY-SA

    Barry is the largest town in South Wales, and Barry Island is a vibrant seaside resort with a rich maritime history. Today visitors to Barry Island will find plenty of amusements, cafes, parks and family-friendly beaches. Jackson's Bay is a pleasant sandy cove backed by cliffs and plenty of greenery. The 170-meter long beach slopes…

  • Whitmore Bay (Barry) (7.7 miles)

    Whitmore Bay (Barry) © M J Roscoe | BY-SA

    Barry Island is located at the very southern tip of Wales, ten miles along the coast from Cardiff. Sandwiched between two limestone headlands, the golden sands of Whitmore Bay are a popular location for sunbathers and swimmers alike. The famous Pleasure Park is just behind the beach, and there is plenty of entertainment, including amusement…

Cardiff beaches map

Map featuring Cardiff beaches. Click on pins to view beach details