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Best beaches in Glamorgan

Below are a list of the top 10 beaches in Glamorgan as selected by the users of the Beach Guide website.

The current most popular beach in Glamorgan is Oxwich Bay. If you would like to have your say on which are the best beaches in Glamorgan just follow the link to the beach and vote by clicking the star ratings at the top right of the page.

  • 1. Oxwich Bay

    Oxwich Bay

    Located on the Gower Peninsula's southern coast is Oxwich Bay, a vast stretch of golden sand. Oxwich is one of those beaches that genuinely does have something for everyone with a host of activities both in and out of the sea. Oxwich Bay is a popular…

  • 2. Caswell Bay

    Caswell Bay

    A popular resort a few minutes drive from Swansea, with a long sandy beach, ideal for families and surfers. Close to the village of Mumbles. Named after a stream that meanders down the Caswell Valley and across the beach to the sea.

  • 3. Brandy Cove

    Brandy Cove

    This secluded little cove on the Gower Peninsula is tucked away just to the west of Caswell Bay. Access is either by walking around the steep path from Caswell or along the valley from the village of Bishopston. At higher tides Brandy Cove is mostly…

  • 4. Swansea Bay - Black Pill Rock

    Swansea Bay - Black Pill Rock

    Part of the extensive sand and mud flats that make up Swansea Bay.

  • 5. Jersey Marine - East Beach

    Jersey Marine - East Beach

    Large sandy beach situated just to the east of the mouth of the river Neath. Quite a pleasant spot if you can ignore the heavy industry of Port Talbot to one side and Swansea Docks to the other. The beach is backed by a large area of sand dunes…

  • 6. Langland Bay

    Langland Bay

    Langland Bay is a popular coastal resort on the Gower Peninsula, with a good sandy beach much-loved by the surfing community. A coastal path links Langland Bay with Caswell Bay to the west, and Rotherslade, Limeslade and Bracelet Bays to the east.…

  • 7. Whitmore Bay (Barry)

    Whitmore Bay (Barry)

    Barry Island is located at the very southern tip of Wales, ten miles along the coast from Cardiff. Whitmore Bay is a golden sandy beach sandwiched between two limestone headlands. Swimming, sunbathing and plenty of amusements, including horse and…

  • 8. Bendricks Beach

    Bendricks Beach

    Bendricks is a little used beach near Barry in South Wales.

  • 9. Rhossili Bay

    Rhossili Bay

    A superb beach owned by the National Trust with excellent bathing and spectacular views of the Worms Head. A pub and hotel with great food and commanding coastal views is situated on the headland, backed by a large car park. Note that access is…

  • 10. Three Cliffs Bay

    Three Cliffs Bay

    Three Cliff Bay is one of the Gower's most photographed locations, and for good reason. A wide bay of golden sand backed by gently sloping dunes to the rear Three Cliff is easily recognised by the limestone headland to the east with its iconic three…