Beaches in New Quay, Ceredigion

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The beach guide has 10 beaches listed in and around the town of New Quay. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • New Quay - Harbour Beach (0.3 miles)

    New Quay - Harbour Beach © Pink_pixie21 | BY-SA

    New Quay is a delightful, bustling seaside resort on the Ceredigion coast. The bay is home to colonies of seals and bottlenose dolphins, and wildlife watching is an important part of the local economy. Boats taking visitors to look for wildlife and enjoy the coastal views leave from the harbour, in addition to the many…

  • South Beach (0.4 miles)

    South © John Lucas | BY-SA

    New Quay is a bustling harbour town whose character and lovely beaches attract plenty of visitors in summer. Seals and dolphins are known to live in the bay and wildlife-watching boat trips depart regularly from the harbour in peak season. South Beach is at the southern end of the wide stretch of sand below the…

  • New Quay - North Beach (0.5 miles)

    New Quay - North Beach © Steve Fareham | BY-SA

    New Quay was once a centre for fishing and shipbuilding, as well as being a historic port. Today it is a popular resort village, with a lively harbour and a choice of good beaches. It can get very busy during the peak summer season here, but the beaches are a delight at any time of…

  • Traeth Gwyn Beach (0.7 miles)

    Traeth Gwyn © Maigheach-gheal | BY-SA

    New Quay was once an important centre for fishing and ship building. Today it is a popular holiday resort and one of Wales’s top sailing destinations. Poet Dylan Thomas lived for a time in the village and is thought to have based some of the characters in Under Milk Wood on village locals. Traeth Gwyn…

  • Traeth y Coubal Beach (0.9 miles)

    Traeth y Coubal © Jeremy Bolwell | BY-SA

    Traeth y Coubal is a secluded sand and rock beach just to the west of New Quay

  • Llanina Beach (1.3 miles)

    Llanina © John Lucas | BY-SA

    Llanina Beach is located near New Quay and sits at the western end of Little Quay Bay. The beach faces the Irish Sea meaning that visitors here can look out over Cardigan Bay and, if lucky, spot dolphins from the shore. Alternatively you can also take a boat ride around the bay. The beach itself…

  • Cei Bach Beach (1.5 miles)

    Cei Bach © John Lucas | BY-SA

    Little Quay, or Cei Bach as it is also known, is about a mile and a half to the west of New Quay and around five miles from Aberaeron Harbour. The beach is sheltered and generally quiet, and you can enjoy the views over the sea and out to the Cardigan Bay. Many visitors come…

  • Traeth Soden Beach (1.7 miles)

    Traeth Soden © Eirian Evans | BY-SA

    The remote cove of Traeth Soden is set at the foot of a long wooded valley through which the little Afon Soden river cascades. As this provides the only access from the road to the beach it is generally quiet, in fact Traeth Soden is known locally as "the secret beach". The beach here is…

  • Castell Bach Beach (1.9 miles)

    Castell Bach © Dave Croker | BY-SA

    Castell Bach, which translates as "Little Castle" is an interesting little cove a few miles along the coast from New Quay. The name presumably comes from the Celtic iron age hillfort which sits on the plateau overlooking the cove. Although there is little to see of the "castle" today it is still a great spot…

  • Cwmtydu Beach (2.2 miles)

    Cwmtydu © Jeremy Bolwell | BY-SA

    Cwmtydu Beach is a delightful little beach that sits to the south-west of New Quay. The beach is known for its pretty views and its quiet atmosphere. In fact it was so quiet and secluded in the days of old that it used to be a hideaway for smugglers in the area. Much of the…

New Quay beaches map

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