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Best beaches in Ceredigion

Below are a list of the top 10 beaches in Ceredigion as selected by the users of the Beach Guide website.

The current most popular beach in Ceredigion is Tresaith. If you would like to have your say on which are the best beaches in Ceredigion just follow the link to the beach and vote by clicking the star ratings at the top right of the page.

  • Tresaith Beach

    1. Tresaith Beach

    The pretty little resort of Tresaith sits in a sheltered bay between Aberporth and Penbryn. The name comes from the River Saith which cascades down the cliffs and on to the sandy beach below. Apparently the little waterfall was created bya glacier…

  • Traeth-y-Dyffryn Beach (Aberporth)

    2. Traeth-y-Dyffryn Beach (Aberporth)

    Aberpoth is a picturesque village nestling in the hills of the Cardigan Bay area, approximately mid-way between New Quay and Newport. There are two lovely, sandy beaches, separated from each other by a rocky area, and flanked on one side by cliffs.…

  • Aberporth Beach

    3. Aberporth Beach

    Aberporth is known for being a charming little village on the coast of Ceredigion and Aberporth Beach is one of the prettiest in the area. Aberporth Beach is something of a misnomer as it is actually two separate beaches bisected by a headland with…

  • Mwnt Beach

    4. Mwnt Beach

    The lovely little beach of Mwnt consists of a rectangle of sand backed by steep cliffs and overlooked by the dome-shaped headland of Foel y Mwnt. Owned by the National Trust, this beach is a little off the beaten track but despite this Mwnt is still…

  • New Quay - Harbour Beach

    5. New Quay - Harbour Beach

    New Quay is a delightful, bustling seaside resort on the Ceredigion coast. The bay is home to colonies of seals and bottlenose dolphins, and wildlife watching is an important part of the local economy. Boats taking visitors to look for wildlife…

  • Aberystwyth (North) Beach

    6. Aberystwyth (North) Beach

    Aberystwyth North Beach is livelier than the South Beach being slightly more accessible from the town. The beach fronts the town of Aberystwyth and you will find a promenade here that stretches for over a mile, skirting close to the sand. Favourite…

  • Aberaeron North Beach

    7. Aberaeron North Beach

    This stretch of rocky beach, backed by a coastal path lies about half a mile north of Aberaeron harbour. There are views along the Ceredigion coastline and out towards the Irish Sea. The beach is used by walkers, sailing enthusiasts and fishermen.…

  • Penbryn Beach

    8. Penbryn Beach

    Penbryn Beach is one of Ceredigion's favourite beaches and is managed and owned by the National Trust. It is located between the scenic coves of Tresaith and Llangrannog which sit along the Wales Coast Path. Over the years it has won several awards…

  • Tanybwlch Beach (Aberystwyth)

    9. Tanybwlch Beach (Aberystwyth)

    Tanybwlch Beach lies close to the town of Aberystwyth and has views over the towering Pen Dinas which is the site of a hill fort that dates from the Iron Age. Pen Dinas is home to a memorial in the form of an upturned cannon which marks the victory…

  • Ynyslas - Twyni Bach (Estuary) Beach

    10. Ynyslas - Twyni Bach (Estuary) Beach

    This wide expanse of sandy beach lies on the southern side of the mouth of the River Dovey (Afon Dyfi). The beach is backed by an extensive dune system and the Ynyslas National Nature Reserve which features a popular visitor centre. From the beach…