Beaches in Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

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The beach guide has 6 beaches listed in and around the town of Carmarthen. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Llansteffan Beach (7.2 miles)

    Llansteffan © Gordon Griffiths | BY-SA

    This lovely beach is situated on the western side of the Tywi / Towy Estuary. I say it is a beach but apparently the tourist board won't call it one and insist it is referred to as an estuary. Well, if it looks like beach, feels like a beach and smells like one, then in…

  • St. Ishmael Beach (8.7 miles)

    St. Ishmael © Jaggery | BY-SA

    Set at the at the mouth of three large river estuaries St Ishmael is a very secluded, mostly shingle beach. There are some sandy patches which become more frequent at the western end of the beach. The beach is surrounded by cliffs, and the coastal path that passes the beach offers excellent views of the…

  • Cefn Sidan Beach (13 miles)

    Cefn Sidan © Colin Bews | BY-SA

    Cefn Sidan (Pembrey) is a long, wide, unspoilt, sandy beach, backed by sand dunes, stretching for approximately 8 miles. It lies within Pembrey Country Park and offers views across Carmarthen Bay to the hilly coastline on the other side.

    The beach is particularly popular for activities such as swimming, and watersports, and its length…

  • Burry Port Beach - East (12.8 miles)

    Burry Port Beach - East © Alex Mcgregor | BY-SA

    Burry Port is a long, mostly sandy beach with some pebbles to the east of the marina. The area is popular for watersports such as boating from the marina, which has its own lighthouse. Walkers also enjoy the surroundings, although there are warning signs about the dangers of walking on the sandbanks and also about…

  • Ferryside Beach (9.3 miles)

    Ferryside Beach © Jeremy Bolwell | BY-SA

    Ferryside Beach forms part of the Taff Estuary and is a made up of a long strip of sand mixed with tidal marshes. The beach is located on the River Tywi which is a relatively secluded part of Dyfed. Set across the estuary is the imposing Llansteffan Castle.

    The beach itself consists of a narrow area…

  • Llanelli and Loughor Estuary Beach (14 miles)

    Llanelli and Loughor Estuary © Derek Voller | BY-SA

    This sandy beach with mudflats is close to the Llanelli Docks, and is overlooked by a promenade. Cars can be left at the Millennium Quay Car Park on Traeth Ffordd, and then it is a short walk past the iconic Discovery Centre to the promenade. There is a cafĂ© and kiosk to be found here.…

Carmarthen beaches map

Map featuring Carmarthen beaches. Click on pins to view beach details