Beaches in Irvine, Strathclyde

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The beach guide has 5 beaches listed in and around the town of Irvine. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Gailes (New Town) Beach (1.7 miles)

    Gailes (New Town) © Mary And Angus Hogg | BY-SA

    Gailes, also known as Irvine Beach, sits to the south-east of the mouth of Irvine Harbour. The sandy beach offers outstanding views over Irvine Bay and the Firth of Clyde towards the mountainous Isle of Arran. The water is suitable for bathing and the long sandy coastline, extending many miles to the town of Troon…

  • Barassie Beach (4.4 miles)

    Barassie © Dannie Calder | BY-SA

    Barassie is a long, wide and mostly flat, sandy beach, although its expanse depends largely on the tide. At low tide there is a vast area for visitors explore, but when the tide comes in, water covers most of the beach. Troon Harbour lies to the south and is visible from the beach. The beach…

  • North Troon Beach (4.9 miles)

    North Troon © Les Hull | BY-SA

    Troon in Ayrshire has two flat, sandy beaches and a harbour.  There are seven golf courses nearby. 

    The North Beach, otherwise known as Barassie Beach, is the wide expanse of sand stretching north of the marina. The harbour wall provides some degree of protection to the southern end of the beach, and the Barassie Burn enters…

  • Troon South Beach (5.6 miles)

    Troon South © Mary And Angus Hogg | BY-SA

    Troon is a bustling seaside town in Ayrshire.  It has two good, sandy beaches, a harbour and lots of good quality cafes, restaurants and shops, and the vicinity boasts no less than seven golf courses. 

    South Beach is the area of wide, flat, golden sand stretching south of the harbour.  It is backed by a wide…

  • Stevenston Beach (3.8 miles)

    Stevenston © Wfmillar | BY-SA

    Stevenston is a sandy beach curving gently round a bay between Irvine and Saltcoats. The beach is backed by low, grassy dunes and lies in an area which has been designated as a Local Nature Reserve. The dunes here provide a habitat to a variety of bird and plant life. Also look out for wild…

Irvine beaches map

Map featuring Irvine beaches. Click on pins to view beach details