Beaches in Fleetwood, Lancashire

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The beach guide has 3 beaches listed in and around the town of Fleetwood. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Fleetwood Beach (0.8 miles)

    Fleetwood © Keith Burroughs | BY-SA

    Fleetwood is actually the name of this charming seaside town in Lancashire that used to be a fishing port, although the name is also sometimes applied to the beach here. Technically however the beach in Fleetwood is called Marine Beach and you will find a fine stretch of sand here as well as pretty sand…

  • Rossall Beach (2.1 miles)

    Rossall Beach © Philip Platt | BY-SA

    Rossall Beach occupies the northern section of the promenade at Cleveleys. A good sized stretch of sand and shingle, the beach here has an altogether more natural, and somewhat wilder feel than the town's main seafront

    Up towards the seawall the beach mainly consists of pebbles, but these quickly give way to some soft sand as…

  • Cleveleys Beach (2.9 miles)

    Cleveleys © Geraldmurphyx | BY-SA

    Located just 4 miles north of the bright lights of Blackpool is the town of Cleveleys. The beach front here is a vast expanse of sea and sand, backed by a promenade and the Jubilee Gardens all of which have benefitted from a recent large scale renovation. Whilst traditional activities such as building sand castles,…

Fleetwood beaches map

Map featuring Fleetwood beaches. Click on pins to view beach details