Cleveleys Beach

Located just 4 miles north of the bright lights of Blackpool is the town of Cleveleys. The beach front here is a vast expanse of sea and sand, backed by a promenade and the Jubilee Gardens all of which have benefitted from a recent large scale renovation.

Whilst traditional activities such as building sand castles, flying kites and promenading are as popular as ever there are now art installations and a new focus on the coast’s abundant wildlife.

Type of beach

Sand & shingle

Lifeguard service


Dogs friendly beach?

Dogs are not allowed on the beach adjacent to the stepped promenade (from Cafe Cove to the Shipwreck Memorial) between 1 May and 30 September.

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  • Amusement arcade


  • Promenade

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OS grid ref.

SD 3124 4297


There is a charge for most parking and during busy periods the nearest parking may be a short walk from the beach.

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Cleveleys Beach Reviews

Beach rating opinion

May 10th 2022

For all those people saying the beach is horrible, you wrong!
I have grown up in Blackpool and see it develop from a small coastal town this magnificent destination now.It is enjoyable for kids, adults and teens as there are many fun and exciting activities to do; sandcastle making, swimming in the ocean and marine life. Also, my final argument is that dogs are allowed to be on a particular part of the beach as long as it doesn’t intefier with the tourist or anybody on the beach. Thankyou for listening I hope now you have reconsidered you opinion on the beach. :)

My beach

Apr 10th 2022

A lovely beach i spent my happy childhood on it not too busy with convenient toilets nearby in the jubilee gardens where youused to be able to get a drink and a bite to eat alsoplay crazy golf
I now live in the east midlands but would go back to reathe in the wonderful sea smell oh how i miss the beach and sea nice soft sand but still ok for sandcastles

Not a dog free beach

Mar 18th 2022

I visited clevelys for a holiday. The beach clearly has signs stating no dogs allowed from May till October. Many dog owners do not read this sign obviously and let dogs run off leads. The council should do more to prevent these owners from clearly ignoring the signs that are there. Lots of dog mess too.

Lots of fun!!!!

Dec 27th 2021

Great place for dogs and kids to roam free. We’ll be back.

Dec 05th 2021

A great beach for dogs to run free. The tide doesn’t go out too far so is brilliant for going for a splash. You can walk the spotlessly clean promenade walkway all the way down into Blackpool & There are some great little shops in Cleavelys town center and fabulous for Fish and chips. It’s my favourite place to go with the dog.

Lovely Place

Jimmy Westfield
Mar 20th 2021

Lovely Seaside, clean beaches and nice people. Nice family Day.
Would highly recommend.

Sep 14th 2020

Lovely beach, 2 year old loved it. Even though the tide was in. Very quiet and beautiful area. We will be back!!

Dog unfriendly place beware

Jul 15th 2020

Traveled 60 miles and Visited / Went for a walk with my daughter and her dog today on the cleavelys sea front,and unknowingly she walked the dog on the pebbled area just 10m on the control area to take a photo of the dog..then out of now where 2 jobs worths fellas darted across to her on her own and took details to fine her £100…watch out for the jobs worths and dont visit the beach just in case your dog ignors the hard to find signs & runs into the no go bathing area where no one is much for encouraging tourism never going there again ????


Jun 08th 2020

Fab beach if only the visitors would clear their rubbish away and take it away or use 1 of the many bins on the promenade… local groups try to keep it clean as and when possible.  Easy parking in plenty of car parks…. if you have a dog clean up behind it or you could be fined. Most people respect this and if not you deserve the fine…same goes for litres.  It’s naturally beautiful please keep it that way and clean up behind yourselves and or you dogs ...thank you

Very pleasant

Jan 19th 2020

Moved to the area last year and having bought a dog recently, have found this beach to be (mostly) clean and a very good place to let my dog run wild and meet up with other dogs. It is usually not overcrowded, even on sunny days, but that’s in the winter, I may have to find an alternative after May 1st.

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