Beaches in Armadale, Highland

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The beach guide has 4 beaches listed in and around the town of Armadale. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Strathy Bay (3.3 miles)

    Strathy Bay © Richard Webb | BY-SA

    This remote, wide, sandy beach sits on the very northern Scottish coast. The River Strathy runs into the bay to the west of the beach and it is enclosed by cliffs to the east. Strathy Bay is surrounded on all sides by magnificent, hilly scenery. The bay is also home to many caves around the…

  • Farr Bay (4.7 miles)

    Farr Bay © Alan Reid | BY-SA

    Set just to the west of Bettyhill on Scotland's far northern coast is Farr Bay. This generous stretch of pale-golden sand is flanked by rocky headlands which from a deep, fairly narrow bay.

    As the tide drops the flat sands spread out before you as well as revealing a few little rocky outcrops and rock pools.…

  • Melvich Beach (6.4 miles)

    Melvich © Alan Reid | BY-SA

    Set at the mouth of the River Halladale, Melvich is yet another attractive beach to be found in this part of Scotland. The crescent shaped beach is backed by sand dunes which are carpeted with wild flowers in the Spring. At low tide there is a vast expanse of golden sand, which feels all the…

  • Torrisdale Bay (6.2 miles)

    Torrisdale Bay © Jack_spellingbacon | BY-SA

    A mile wide expanse of clean golden sands just to the west of the historic village of Bettyhill. To the rear of the beach are sand dunes which give way to machair meadows before rising up into moorland.

    With the River Naver emptying into one side of the bay and the River Borgie the other access…

Armadale beaches map

Map featuring Armadale beaches. Click on pins to view beach details