Beaches in Brotton, Yorkshire

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The beach guide has 4 beaches listed in and around the town of Brotton. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Cattersty Sands Beach (1.6 miles)

    Cattersty Sands © Trevor King | BY-SA

    Cattersty Sands is a long, sand and shingle beach approximately midway between Hartlepool and Whitby. It offers fine views and a fairly sheltered location. The beach is intersected by a rocky pier which dates back to the areas mining days. This area of Yorkshire has a long history of iron-ore mining. The old jetty was…

  • Saltburn Beach (1.8 miles)

    Saltburn © Christopher Combe Photography | BY-SA

    Saltburn is a seaside resort with a rich heritage dating back to the Victorian heyday and beyond. The town was developed off the back of the Industrial Revolution and the local iron industry in particular. Whilst the boom times may have long passed many of the trappings of the Victorian era remain. There is the…

  • Marske Sands Beach (3.8 miles)

    Marske Sands © Stephen Mcculloch | BY-SA

    Markse Sands is a predominantly sandy beach, with some shingle higher up the beach away from the shoreline, opposite the village of Marske-by-the-Sea. Water sports such as surfing, boating, and windsurfing are all popular along this stretch of coastline, as is fishing, swimming and walking. The wide beach offers visitors an excellent opportunity to stretch…

  • Stray Beach (4.5 miles)

    Stray © Helen Wilkinson | BY-SA

    Stray Beach is the most south-easterly beach along the sandy Redcar coastline. Located between the edge of the tourist town of Redcar and the village of Marske-by-the-Sea it is backed by a grassy area separating it from the road, behind which there are fields. As a result of its rural setting, Stray can be a…

Brotton beaches map

Map featuring Brotton beaches. Click on pins to view beach details