Beaches in Castletown, Isle Of Man

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The beach guide has 7 beaches listed in and around the town of Castletown. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Castletown Beach (0.1 miles)

    Castletown © Kevin Rothwell | BY-SA

    The old Manx capital of Castletown lies in a large horseshoe-shaped bay and was built around the harbour at the mouth of the Silverburn river.

    Castletown beach lies just west of the harbour mouth and at higher tides consists largely of fairly unwelcoming pebbles. However, as the tide retreats a good stretch of sand is revealed.

  • Derbyhaven Beach (1.2 miles)

    Derbyhaven © David Smith | BY-SA

    Derbyhaven Beach lies on the south-eastern tip of the Isle of Man and forms a crescent around the shallow, east-facing bay. The bay is protected by a breakwater and the waters here are highly favoured by windsurfers, as well as being used for scuba diving.

    The beach is composed mainly of shingle and is backed by…

  • Port St Mary Harbour Beach (3.4 miles)

    Port St Mary Harbour © Cat_collector | BY-SA

    Small rock and pebble beach within the lee of the pier. Port St Mary is a bustling harbour popular with yachts.

  • Gansey Bay (3.2 miles)

    Gansey Bay © Chris Gunns | BY-SA

    Gansey Bay is a good sized sandy beach within the Bay ny Carrickey and just to the east of Port St Mary. Excellent low water location for windsurfing. Best in East, SE, South and SW winds. At high tide the sea crashes onto the sea wall and should be avoided at all costs. The beach…

  • Chapel Beach (3.5 miles)

    Chapel Beach © David Dixon | BY-SA

    Situated in front of the small Manx town of Port St Mary is Chapel Beach with its softly sloping sand. The beach backs onto the promenade and behind that the seafront so there are no shortage of facilities.

  • Port Grenaugh Beach (3.6 miles)

    Port Grenaugh © Jon Wornham | BY-SA

    The small beach at Port Grenaugh lies in a sheltered cove, on the south east coast of the Isle of Man between Port Soderick and Santon Head. The beach here is a mixture of sand, shingle and rocks, and the cove is flanked on either side by cliffs backed with grassland, shrubs and gentle rolling…

  • Niarbyl Bay (7.2 miles)

    Niarbyl Bay © Richard Hoare | BY-SA

    Located on the more remote and rugged southwest coast of the island, Niarbyl Bay is both dramatic and picturesque. The name Niarbyl means 'the tail' and refers to the rock formation that dominates the beach, jutting into the Irish Sea. This is a great spot for sunsets with the the coast of Ireland forming the…

Castletown beaches map

Map featuring Castletown beaches. Click on pins to view beach details