Best beaches in Isle Of Man

Below are a list of the top 10 beaches in Isle Of Man as selected by the users of the Beach Guide website.

The current most popular beach in Isle Of Man is Ramsey. If you would like to have your say on which are the best beaches in Isle Of Man just follow the link to the beach and vote by clicking the star ratings at the top right of the page.

  • © Kevin Rothwell | BY-SA

    1. Ramsey Beach

    Located just one minute away from the town centre of Ramsey, the Isle of Man's second largest town, Ramsey Beach is a sandy expanse and is reputedly one of the sunniest spots on the island. The beach is bordered on one side by an impressive,…

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  • © Kevin Rothwell | BY-SA

    2. Castletown Beach

    The old Manx capital of Castletown lies in a large horseshoe-shaped bay and was built around the harbour at the mouth of the Silverburn river. Castletown beach lies just west of the harbour mouth and at higher tides consists largely of…

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  • © Richard Hoare | BY-SA

    3. Port Erin Beach

    Port Erin Bay is found on the south-western tip of the Isle of Man. The delightful sandy beach here curves around the bay in a horseshoe-shape and faces west, making it a great spot to capture the magnificent sunsets which can be seen…

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  • © Dr Neil Clifton | BY-SA

    4. Laxey Beach

    Laxey is a small former fishing and mining town on the east coast of the Isle of Man. The town has a number of vintage railways and a harbour. To the south west of this harbour runs a small sand and pebble beach. At the southern end of…

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  • © Dr Neil Clifton | BY-SA

    5. Peel Beach

    The west coast beach of Peel is one of the finest on the island. A good stretch of golden sand protected by a large breakwater make this beach a family favourite. With Peel Castle and the historic fishing port as a backdrop this spot is…

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  • © Andy Stephenson | BY-SA

    6. White Strand Beach

    This small sand and shingle beach set between rocky outcrops lies on the west coast of the Isle of Man, just under two miles north of Peel. The beach is backed by grass-covered cliffs and hills, behind which lie fields along which the…

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  • © Colin Park | BY-SA

    7. Kirk Michael Beach

    The beach at Kirk Michael is just part of a huge stretch of sand and shingle that makes up the remote North-East coast of the Isle of Man. The beach is just a short way from the village of Kirk Michael which has plenty of facilities. The…

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  • © David Dixon | BY-SA

    8. Chapel Beach

    Situated in front of the small Manx town of Port St Mary is Chapel Beach with its softly sloping sand. The beach backs onto the promenade and behind that the seafront so there are no shortage of facilities.

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  • © John Firth | BY-SA

    9. Douglas Beach

    Douglas Central Beach is a sandy beach at the southern end of Douglas Bay, alongside the town centre. Douglas is the largest and most important town on the Isle of Man. At this end of the bay, the beach becomes completely submerged as…

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  • © David Smith | BY-SA

    10. Derbyhaven Beach

    Derbyhaven Beach lies on the south-eastern tip of the Isle of Man and forms a crescent around the shallow, east-facing bay. The bay is protected by a breakwater and the waters here are highly favoured by windsurfers, as well as being…

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