Beaches in Greenock, Strathclyde

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The beach guide has 3 beaches listed in and around the town of Greenock. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Portkil / Meikleross Beach (2.8 miles)

    Portkil / Meikleross © Wfmillar | BY-SA

    Portkil (otherwise known as Meikleross) is a long beach on a fairly remote part of the Strathclyde coastline overlooking Portkil Bay and the Upper Firth of Clyde. There are views across to the town of Greenock and the surrounding hills on the far side. The water is popular for boating, whilst the coast is popular…

  • Gourock West Bay (2.6 miles)

    Gourock West Bay © Thomas Nugent | BY-SA

    Gourock West Bay is a shingle beach with excellent panoramic views out onto the Upper Firth of Clyde and of the surrounding mountainous peninsulas. The beach is rather narrow, and at high tide, it disappears underwater completely, but the lovely views can still be admired along the promenade that backs the beach. At the northern…

  • Helensburgh Beach (3.8 miles)

    Helensburgh © Mary And Angus Hogg | BY-SA

    Helensburgh Beach overlooks the Upper Firth of Clyde, sitting just outside the mouth of Gare Loch. It is backed by a promenade from where one can admire the views across the bay to the hilly Rosneath peninsula. Along the road opposite the beach there are shops and places to eat. Parking can be found at…

Greenock beaches map

Map featuring Greenock beaches. Click on pins to view beach details