Beaches in Stranraer, Dumfries And Galloway

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The beach guide has 5 beaches listed in and around the town of Stranraer. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Marine Lake Beach (0.4 miles)

    Marine Lake © Billy Mccrorie | BY-SA

    This is a sandy beach, with some pebbly sections, located just to the north-west of Stranraer Harbour, with the harbour wall at the eastern end of the beach. The beach enjoys views across Loch Ryan to the hilly, wild coastline on the other side, and is a good spot for watching the boats entering and…

  • Cockle Shore Beach (1.8 miles)

    Cockle Shore © David Baird | BY-SA

    Cockle Shore is a sandy beach located to the east of the town and port of Stranraer, in the bay of Loch Ryan. It is a popular beach for having a paddle and fishing as well as watching the boats leaving the nearby port. Parts of the beach are also used by windsurfers and kite-surfers.…

  • Sandeel Bay (5.2 miles)

    Sandeel Bay © Ann Cook | BY-SA

    A short walk north of Portpatrick, along the clifftops, takes you to the pretty little cove of Sandeel Bay. Here you will find a small water fall and a number of caves along with a sandy beach.

  • Portpatrick Beach (5.4 miles)

    Portpatrick © David Medcalf | BY-SA

    Portpatrick is a small, sandy beach which only really appears when the tide is out. It lies within the natural harbour of the little town of Portpatrick. The beach is a good spot for paddling, watching the boats entering and leaving the harbour, and for exploring the many rockpools in search of interesting marine wildlife.…

  • Luce Sands Beach (6.8 miles)

    Luce Sands © Ann Cook | BY-SA

    Widely regarded as the finest beach in the Stranraer area, Luce Sands is an expansive stretch of sheltered sand. At low tide the beach here extends around three miles from the village of Sandhead, home to the Sands of Luce holiday park. The bay here is also rich in marine wildlife and is designated a…

Stranraer beaches map

Map featuring Stranraer beaches. Click on pins to view beach details