Beaches in Folkestone, Kent

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The beach guide has 5 beaches listed in and around the town of Folkestone. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Sunny Sands Beach (1.2 miles)

    Sunny Sands © David Anstiss | BY-SA

    Sunny Sands Beach is a popular sandy beach located close to the centre of town and next to Folkestone Harbour. As such all the facilities are close by including caf├ęs, pubs, shops and toilets.

    The fact that this is one of the closest sandy beaches to London means it can get quite busy in the…

  • Sandgate - Town Centre Beach (1.2 miles)

    Sandgate - Town Centre © Andy Stephenson | BY-SA

    The surprisingly charming coastal village of Sandgate lies a couple of miles west of Folkestone, a short drive from the Channel Tunnel terminal. The town has some good pubs and places to eat, as well as a number of antique shops and quaint independent shops which might be fun to explore on rainy days. The…

  • Folkestone Outer Harbour beach (1.2 miles)

    Folkestone Outer Harbour beach © Pam Fray | BY-SA

    As the name suggests, Outer Harbour beach nestles up to the south pier of Folkestone harbour. The beach itself is pleasantly sandy, however the backdrop is a little industrial, so it is not generally favoured. The beach also becomes mostly covered at high tide.

  • Sandgate Beach (2 miles)

    Sandgate Beach © Kevin Woolterton | BY-SA

    Sandgate is a small coastal town around 2 miles down the coast from Folkestone. Approximately one mile west of the town centre, this large, pebble beach is used by fishermen , picnickers and anyone looking for a relaxing spot to sit on the shore, skimming stones and watching boats and ferries pass by in the…

  • The Warren Beach (2.1 miles)

    The Warren © Ptc24 | BY-SA

    This sandy beach, near Folkestone, has rocks and some good rock pools. The beach is quite popular with fossil hunters as over the years some interesting specimens have been found here.

    Behind the beach, the area known as The Warren Country Park has been formed by centuries of land slippage.  Steep paths wind through this woodland…

Folkestone beaches map

Map featuring Folkestone beaches. Click on pins to view beach details