Beaches in Newhaven, East Sussex

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The beach guide has 4 beaches listed in and around the town of Newhaven. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • West Quay Beach (1 miles)

    West Quay © Nick Macneill | BY-SA

    West Quay beach is located on the western side of the port of Newhaven's breakwater. A passenger ferry service runs from here to the port of Dieppe in France. The beach is composed of a bank of pebbles and shingle above the high water mark with some sand as the tide goes out. Newhaven Fort…

  • Newhaven Beach (1 miles)

    Newhaven © Paul Farmer | BY-SA

    Newhaven Beach sits at the mouth of River Ouse, to the east of Newhaven’s breakwater. There is no public access to this beach, although to the west of the breakwater, there is access to Newhaven West Quay Beach. Excellent views of the beach and surrounding coastline can be seen from Newhaven Fort, a Palmerston Fort…

  • Tide Mills Beach (1.2 miles)

    Tide Mills © Stacey Harris | BY-SA

    Situated between Newhaven and Seaford lies Tide Mills beach. The stretch of beach here is quite unusual for the area is it undeveloped, but also fairly accessible. The backdrop to the beach is an area of low lying grassland and the wide muddy, tidal Mill Creek. However, closer inspection reveals a wealth of crumbling ruins…

  • Seaford Bay (2.7 miles)

    Seaford Bay © David Howard | BY-SA

    This wide stretch of shingle beach stretches nearly 4 miles between Newhaven harbour and Seaford Head. Seaford has a somewhat laid-back feel to it and is an ideal place to relax and avoid some of the summer crowds that flock to other south coast beaches. Let's get one thing straight first of all; Seaford is…

Newhaven beaches map

Map featuring Newhaven beaches. Click on pins to view beach details