Beaches in Gweedore, County Donegal

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The beach guide has 6 beaches listed in and around the town of Gweedore. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Bunbeg Beach (3.6 miles)

    Bunbeg Beach © Tourism Ireland / Failte Ireland

    Bunbeg beach lies at the mouth of the Gweedore River on Donegal's rugged Atlantic coast. Also known as Magheraclogher this is a beach of two tides.

    At low tide a vast expanse of flat sand is exposed making a landscape of coves, rock pools and streams accessible. It's a great place for exploring and will never feel…

  • Carrickfinn Beach (4.1 miles)

    Carrickfinn © Courtesy Martin Fleming

    Carrickfinn beach is situated in the beautiful Gweedore Bay right behind the little Donegal Airport. Besides this the beach has the feeling of being a long way from anywhere.

    Carrickfinn is a long stretch of white sand beach backed by extensive sand dunes. All around the bay are the characteristic machair grass plains which are home…

  • Magheroarty Beach (7.1 miles)

    Magheroarty Beach © Courtesy Gareth Wray Photography

    Magheroarty Beach comprises of a 3 kilometre curve of pristine sand on the northwestern edge of Donegal. At one end is a little harbour whilst the other end is tantalisingly close to the little island of Inishbofin. I have heard that on the lowest of tides the spit of sand at the end of the…

  • Cruit Island Beach (7.6 miles)

    Cruit Island © Eric Jones | BY-SA

    Located just a stone's throw off the west coast of Donegal is Cruit Island. Part of the Rosses region of the county the island has been joined to the mainland by a small bridge since the Second World War. The name Cruit is pronounced "Critch" and is the Gaelic word for a small hill.

    The three…

  • Falcarragh Beach (9.6 miles)

    Falcarragh Beach © Rossographer | BY-SA

    Named after Falcarragh town which is just 3 km away, the beach here also goes by the names of Drumnatinny Beach and Black Strand. The last name is a little contradictory as the sand here is pretty close to white.

    Falcarragh Beach is a good size, at over 4 km long, but is divided by the Ray river…

  • Dooey Beach (14 miles)

    Dooey Beach © Courtesy Gareth Wray Photography

    At around 3 kilometres in length you would imagine it would be difficult to hide this sandy beach, but it seems that Dooey Beach remains something of a hidden gem even in this day and age!

    Dooey sits on its own little peninsula meaning there is water to three sides. Something that is quite noticeable when…

Gweedore beaches map

Map featuring Gweedore beaches. Click on pins to view beach details