Beaches in Rosehearty, Grampian

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The beach guide has 4 beaches listed in and around the town of Rosehearty. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Rosehearty Beach (0.2 miles)

    Rosehearty © Jthomas | BY-SA

    Rosehearty is a small town about 5 miles west of Fraserburgh. The north-facing beach here has stunning white sands and clear waters. In sunny weather it can almost have a tropical feel. The romantic ruins of Pittulie and Pitsligo castles lie behind the beach, which stretches in a crescent shape from the harbor to the…

  • Fraserburgh Beach (4.1 miles)

    Fraserburgh © Don Cload | BY-SA

    Fraserburgh is a long, golden, sandy beach starting at the south-eastern end of the town and stretching along the Aberdeenshire coastline to the point where the Moray Firth meets the North Sea. The beach's proximity to all the facilities and fine golden sand make it a popular spot for families and there is usually plenty…

  • Fraserburgh Waters of Philorth Beach (5.5 miles)

    Fraserburgh Waters of Philorth © Iain Macaulay | BY-SA

    This popular beach is located at the opposite end of a long sandy stretch to Fraserburgh town. The Waters of Philorth is named after the nature reserve that runs along the back of the beach. This is a rare estuarine environment which attracts a variety of waders, wildfowl and seabirds. There is also an extensive…

  • Cullykhan Beach (6.2 miles)

    Cullykhan Beach © Jthomas | BY-SA

    This pretty little sandy beach is nestled between high cliffs. Along with its east-facing aspect it is generally pretty sheltered from the wind and waves.

    Overlooking the beach is Fort Fiddes, an ancient Pictish fort whist a little further around the coast is Hell's Lum, a collapsed sea cave.

Rosehearty beaches map

Map featuring Rosehearty beaches. Click on pins to view beach details