Beaches in Aberdeen, Grampian

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The beach guide has 9 beaches listed in and around the town of Aberdeen. We have arranged these beaches in order of closest to the town first (distance in brackets).

  • Ballroom Beach (1.8 miles)

    Ballroom © Andy73 | BY-SA

    Ballroom is a long, wide, sandy beach along the seafront of the city of Aberdeen. The beach is interspersed by regular wooden groynes, and is backed by a sea wall, on top of which there is a promenade popular for walking, cycling, and skating. If you look carefully out onto the surf for long enough,…

  • Footdee Beach (2.1 miles)

    Footdee © Zorba The Geek | BY-SA

    Footdee is a wide, sandy beach located at the seafront of the city of Aberdeen immediately north of the mouth of the River Dee and the harbour wall. The beach is interspersed by regular wooden groynes, backed by a sea wall on top of which there is a promenade used by pedestrians, cyclists, and skateboarders.…

  • Muchalls Beach (9.3 miles)

    Muchalls © Anne Burgess | BY-SA

    Muchalls is a former fishing village just off the A90 a short drive south from Aberdeen.  Today many of the houses there are owned by commuters to Aberdeen.  

    The small shingle and rock beach has some sandy areas at low tide.  What makes this place special are the many stunning rock formations to be found…

  • Balmedie Country Park Beach (8 miles)

    Balmedie Country Park © Anne Burgess | BY-SA

    At Balmedie Country Park, the flat, sandy beach stretches for miles along the coastline. Behind the beach is a truly extensive sand dune system stretching for around 14 miles, from Aberdeen in the south up to the mouth of the River Ythan near the town of Newburgh, making it the 5th largest sand dune system…

  • Cowie Beach (12.9 miles)

    Cowie © Gwen And James Anderson | BY-SA

    Cowie is a mostly shingle beach at the northern end of the town of Stonehaven, offering excellent views over Stonehaven Bay and harbour, and the impressive rocky headlands to the south. The area is popular for water sports, fishing, and walking. At the southern end, the beach is bounded by the mouth of Cowie Water…

  • Carron Beach (13.3 miles)

    Carron © Colin Smith | BY-SA

    Carron is a sand and shingle beach overlooking Stonehaven Bay, and backed by the town of Stonehaven. The beach here becomes increasingly sandy approaching the water's edge, particularly at the southern end of the beach. Towards the southern end, a pedestrian bridge allows visitors to cross the mouth of the River Carron, although it is…

  • Newburgh Beach (12 miles)

    Newburgh © Martyn Gorman | BY-SA

    Newburgh Beach, twenty minutes' drive north of Aberdeen, is one of the best places in the United Kingdom for spotting marine wildlife. Along the sandy estuary of the River Ythan, there is a large colony of around 400 seals, which make the shoreline their home, and can safely be observed from the opposite bank. Children…

  • Hackley Bay (14.2 miles)

    Hackley Bay © Oliver Dixon | BY-SA

    This wide sandy crescent of golden sand, flanked by high cliffs, could well be the prettiest bay on the Aberdeenshire coast. To the rear of the beach are sand dunes and more gently sloping cliffs.

    Set within the Forvie National Nature Reserve, Hackley Bay is very much unspoilt and qualifies as both a Special Area of…

  • Collieston Beach (15.5 miles)

    Collieston © Colin Smith | BY-SA

    Collieston is a small, sandy beach, sitting inside a quaint fishing harbour. The beach developed after breakwaters were introduced to the harbour in the 19th century. This resulted in a build-up of sediment and the creation of Collieston Beach. Sitting inside a natural harbour, and protected by the harbour wall, the beach is very sheltered…

Aberdeen beaches map

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