Glamorgan Surfing beaches

The beach guide has 26 surfing beaches listed in Glamorgan. Check here for all surfing beaches in the UK

  • Blue Pool Bay ©

    1. Blue Pool Bay

    Blue Pool Bay is one of the Gower Peninsula's prettiest bays and also one of the quietest. This is thanks to the fact it can only be reached on foot from Broughton just under a mile…

  • Llangennith Sands ©

    2. Llangennith Sands Beach

    Making up the northern half of the vast expanse of sand which stretches up from Rhossili is Llangennith Sands. Backed by extensive sand dunes, and not much else, there is a wild feel to Llangennith. The scenery along this stretch of…

  • Pwlldu Bay ©

    3. Pwlldu Bay

    Pwlldu, meaning 'black pool' in Welsh, is a secluded bay with a sandy area exposed at low tide, and a rocky area further up the beach. It is popular for bathing and sea canoeing, but is not the easiest beach to reach, with no roads giving…

  • Torbay Crawley Woods ©

    4. Torbay Crawley Woods

    The rural, secluded Tor Bay lies about 5 miles to the west of Swansea Bay and is flanked by spectacular rugged coastal cliffs. This stunning, sandy beach has a remote feel to it and offers wonderful views. There is a car park in Penmaen…

  • Sandfields East ©

    5. Sandfields East Beach (Aberafan)

    This long strip of sandy beach stretches north from the Afon Afan (River Avan) estuary near Port Talbot Docks, right up to the Afon Nedd (River Neath) estuary. The golden, sandy beach is backed by sea defences and a promenade which is…

  • Pobbles Bay ©

    6. Pobbles Bay

    A secluded little cove on the eastern side of Three Cliffs Bay. On lower tides the beach is joined up with the wider bay but as the tide comes in Pobbles becomes separated by the limestone cliffs to either side.

    This is one of…

  • Rhossilli Bay - Hillend ©

    7. Rhossilli Bay - Hillend

    Rhossili Beach is a stunning rural beach on the Gower Peninsula - Britain’s first designated  Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  It offers visitors a three-mile…

  • Caswell Bay ©

    8. Caswell Bay

    Sometimes signposted as Bae Cas-wellt in Welsh, Caswell Bay is a Blue Flag beach located on the south-eastern side of the Gower Peninsula close to The Mumbles. Offering a wide expanse…

  • Mewslade Bay ©

    9. Mewslade Bay

    Mewslade Bay is a beautiful, sandy beach on the remote Gower Peninsula near to the famous Worm's Head. It is backed by high grassy cliffs and dominated by the 70-metre high rocks…

  • Langland Bay ©

    10. Langland Bay

    Looking for a safe and pleasant family-friendly beach, sheltered from prevailing onshore winds? It’s a popular choice for water sports enthusiasts, particularly surfers, who know the sea here for its varied breaks.

    Langland Bay…

  • Fall Bay ©

    11. Fall Bay

    Fall Bay, a sand and rock beach on the Gower Peninsula, is never busy. This is thanks to the fact that it is one of the hardest beaches to reach along the Glamorgan coastline. However,…

  • Rhossili Bay ©

    12. Rhossili Bay

    Often described as one of the best beaches in Wales, one of the best beaches in the UK and even within the top ten beaches in the world, the stunning and wild Rhossili Bay is under the watchful care…

  • Broughton Bay ©

    13. Broughton Bay

    Broughton Bay is a large, sandy bay, backed by dunes, on the north-western tip of the Gower Peninsula.

    The sands here are constantly shifting and a number of interesting discoveries…

  • Oxwich Bay ©

    14. Oxwich Bay

    Located on the Gower Peninsula's southern coast is Oxwich Bay, a vast stretch of golden sand. Oxwich is one of those beaches that genuinely does have something for everyone with a…

  • Llantwit Major Beach ©

    15. Llantwit Major Beach

    This pebble and rock beach has some patches of sand and is backed by cliffs. The terrain can be difficult for those with mobility problems as the rocks are often quite slippery. Llantwit Major beach is popular with dog walkers and families…

  • Three Cliffs Bay ©

    16. Three Cliffs Bay

    Three Cliff Bay is one of the Gower's most photographed locations, and for good reason. A wide bay of golden sand backed by gently sloping dunes to the rear Three Cliff is easily…

  • Southerndown ©

    17. Southerndown Beach

    Southerndown, also known as Dunraven Bay, is a predominantly sandy beach, with rocky areas exposed at high tide. It is located along the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, and is enclosed by spectacular cliffs.

    The beach itself is popular…

  • Margam Sands ©

    18. Margam Sands Beach (Aberafan)

    Margam is long sandy beach just to the south of the town of Port Talbot. It is unfortunately overlooked by a huge steel works at its northern end, but the further south you walk the more you find surroundings of moorland and dunes along…

  • Ogmore ©

    19. Ogmore Beach

    Ogmore-by-Sea is a popular sand and shingle beach along the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, with the sandy part exposed at low tide. The mouth of the River Ogmore runs into the sea over the beach, to the north of the town. The beach at Ogmore…

  • Rest Bay ©

    20. Rest Bay (Porthcawl)

    Rest Bay is a golden, sandy beach on the outskirts of the town of Porthcawl, backed by The Royal Porthcawl Golf Club and low cliffs.

    The beach faces south-west, which means that it is not sheltered from the Atlantic winds and…

  • Port Eynon ©

    21. Port Eynon Beach

    Port Eynon is one of the Gower's most popular beaches, well-served by caravan and camping sites. The beach is safe, sandy and close to a mile long, backed by dunes and easily accessible.…

  • Aberafan ©

    22. Aberafan Beach

    Aberavon beach, near Port Talbot, is one of Wales' longest beaches, offering nearly three miles of sandy beach. The beach is backed by two miles of flat promenade making it popular with walkers, joggers and cyclists alike. The promenade…

  • Afan ©

    23. Afan Beach (Port Talbot)

    This small, sandy beach sits on the Afon Afan (River Afan) estuary, close to Port Talbot docks and the Tata Steelworks. There is a promenade, with a couple of cafes and restaurants nearby. A lido used to exist here, which was burnt down…

  • Nicholaston Burrows ©

    24. Nicholaston Burrows Beach

    Part of Oxwich Bay, Nicholaston Burrows is generally the quietest part of the beach. This is largely on account of it being further away from any parking than Oxwich Bay main beach to the west and Tor Bay to the east.


  • Overton Mere ©

    25. Overton Mere Beach

    Just around the headland from Port Eynon, on the Gower Peninsula, is the rocky cove of Overton Mere. There is usually a band…

  • Slade Bay ©

    26. Slade Bay

    Slade beach, or the Sands as it is also known, sits just beyond the end of Port Eynon beach. In fact on a super low tide you can actually get here with dry feet from the Horton end of Port Eynon.

    As the name suggests there is…