Snettisham Beach

The expansive sands of Snettisham are in fact Norfolk’s only west facing beach. Given that Norfolk is generally considered to be on the east coast this is worthy of mention. This, of course, means it gets some of the best sunsets in Norfolk. In fact it has been dubbed “the sunset coastline”.

Snettisham beach is a natural haven and largely unspoiled. The extensive sand and mud flats are frequented by various wading birds such as avocets, knots and bar-tailed godwit which can be seen from the RSPB reserve.

Despite its obvious attractions Snettisham beach never gets busy, in fact in winter you can enjoy some solitude on many days.

Over the years erosion has meant various sea defences have been installed along the beach. Some success was achieved by placing timber groynes along the beach. Some still remain and are a popular feature with photographers

Type of beach

Sand & shingle

Lifeguard service


Dogs friendly beach?

There are some restrictions around plover nesting season (April to end of August) when dogs must be kept on leads. Please avoid cordoned areas where the birds are nesting on the beach.

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PE31 7PS

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TF 6471 3353

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Snettisham Beach Reviews

Great beach

Jun 23rd 2021

Its a great beach i do my photography there its peaceful clean lovely sunset one pf the best beaches i know

Dirty place

Percy d
Sep 27th 2020

It’s just for disgusting dog owners not all of them

Disappointed and disgusted

Sep 16th 2020

I traveled 2 hrs to this beach today as recommended as a peaceful and large beach and ideal place to walk my dogs and was looking at maybe buying a caravan, at first glance was lovely even though weather not great but very few people. However it soon turned pretty disgusting as when walking along the beach we came across bad human behaviour .....Lots and lots of dog poo… cannot blame the doggies it is the disgusting and lazy humans who should not have a dog if they cannot pick up after it, even worse was the ones who did pick it up and bag it but then left the tied up bag on the beach so also littering with plastic, the beach was full of it and the car park was even worse, had to continually watch where you stepped, was evidence of responsible humans as the poo bins were overflowing however that depends when they were last emptied, filthy place and won’t be going again and certainly will not be purchasing a caravan if these are the kind of people who live or holiday there and have no respect for what would be a beautiful place without these dirty selfish humans.

Niceish beach, over zealous parking enforcement

May 20th 2020

Nice beach and a nice walk, nothing special, but good enough.

However 3 days later have a parking ticket for £100 for being 8 minutes over time on a day when the car park was less than 10% full.

As such I can not really recommend it, there are much better beaches in Norfolk in far nicer places that don’t have a parking warrior wandering around !

Jennie Mead
Dec 26th 2019

We love the wide open expanse of beach, sky and sea as well ss the quiet & solitude. Our favourite place for a walk.

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