Republic Of Ireland secret beaches

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You may have thought that secluded beaches with fine sand, crystal clear water and just the cry of the gulls for company were long gone, but they're not. Tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the Republic Of Ireland coast are any number of unspoilt hidden gems where you can enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Here at the Beach Guide we have compiled a list of your favourite hidden beaches in Republic Of Ireland that are just far enough off the beaten track to never get too busy.

Of course escaping the crowds may not be your only reason for visiting these little known spots. Not only are they a little tricky to find and get to, they are also some of the loveliest beaches in Republic Of Ireland.

  • Baginbun Beach © Andreas F. Borchert | BY-SA

    1. Baginbun Beach

    Fethard, County Wexford

    Lovely secluded and sheltered sandy beach on the eastern side of Wexford's Hook Peninsula.The beach here is protected from the prevailing winds by low cliffs behind. The water in the bay is usually calm…

  • Murder Hole Beach © | BY-SA

    2. Murder Hole Beach

    County Donegal

    A very unattractive name for one of Ireland's most beautiful beaches! We'll explain that later but first the details.Otherwise known as Boyeeghter Bay this remote beach is easily recognised by its…

  • Trawalua Strand Beach © Ntf30 | BY-SA

    3. Trawalua Strand Beach

    County Sligo

    Trawalua Strand is often overlooked in favour of neighbouring Mullaghmore or Streedagh beaches. Yes, to get here takes a little more effort, but it's worth it to enjoy this beach where there is never…

  • White Strand (Miltown Malbay) © Bob Jones | BY-SA

    4. White Strand (Miltown Malbay)

    Miltown Malbay, County Clare

    This relatively small sandy beach with a rocky shoreline has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award on a number of occasions. This means there are all the facilities you'd need including lifeguard…

  • Ballyteige Burrow Beach © Claude Dopagne | BY-SA

    5. Ballyteige Burrow Beach

    County Wexford

    Stretching for over 5 kilometres along the south Wexford coast is Ballyteige Burrow. Ideal for nature lovers and those looking for a long, bracing walk away from the crowds.The beach begins just west…

  • Blainroe Beach © Courtesy Celtic Routes | BY-SA

    6. Blainroe Beach

    County Wicklow

    The pretty little cove of Blainroe is something of a hidden gem on the Wicklow coast. Tucked away between rocky headlands the sandy beach is only accessible through private land owned by the Blainroe…

  • Dooey Beach © Courtesy Gareth Wray Photography | BY-SA

    7. Dooey Beach

    County Donegal

    At around 3 kilometres in length you would imagine it would be difficult to hide this sandy beach, but it seems that Dooey Beach remains something of a hidden gem even in this day and age!Dooey sits on…

  • Galley Cove © Mac Mccarron | BY-SA

    8. Galley Cove

    County Cork

    The pleasant little crescent of white sand that is Galley Cove lies towards the end of the Mizen Peninsula, the southwesterly tip of Ireland. There are a number of other beaches on this convoluted section…

  • Omey Strand Beach © Andreas Riemenschneider | BY-SA

    9. Omey Strand Beach

    County Galway

    Omey Strand in Connemara is a large expanse of flat sand connecting Omey Island to the mainland. The beach here doubles as a road and a racetrack although this all depends on whether the tide is in or…

  • Port Bán Beach © James Emmans | BY-SA

    10. Port Bán Beach

    County Donegal

    Port Bán (or Dunree Bay) is situated among the dramatic terrain at the mouth of Lough Swilly. Nestled between the headland of Fort Dunree and the hulking form of the Urris hills to the north you will…

  • Portally Cove © Kevin Higgins | BY-SA

    11. Portally Cove

    County Waterford

    This remote cove is set at the end of a deep inlet with high cliffs to either side. These provide a good deal of shelter from all but the biggest of swells and much of the wind.Portally Cove is mostly…

  • Silver Strand Beach © Keith Salvesen | BY-SA

    12. Silver Strand Beach

    County Mayo

    The pristine sands of County Mayo's Silver Strand are just about remote enough to keep the crowds at bay. Set near the mouth the Killary Fjord it isn't actually that difficult to get here but thankfully…

  • Silver Strand Beach © Laura Testud | BY-SA

    13. Silver Strand Beach

    County Wicklow

    There are a few Silverstrand beaches in Ireland, and all of them are pretty nice. Silver Strand in Wicklow is no exception and would probably be known as one of the finest beaches in the country if it…

  • Stradbally Cove © Papapiper | BY-SA

    14. Stradbally Cove

    County Waterford

    Stradbally Cove is tucked away at the mouth of the River Tay, set back in a deep inlet on Waterford's "Copper Coast". The narrow bay is flanked by grassy headlands which provide plenty of shelter from…

  • Trá Bán Beach © Noel | BY-SA

    15. Trá Bán Beach

    County Kerry

    The lovely beach of An Trá Ban lies on the east coast of Great Blasket Island, looking back towards the Dingle Peninsula. Whilst it is the only beach on the island its remote nature means it never…

  • Trá Mór Beach © Conall | BY-SA

    16. Trá Mór Beach

    County Donegal

    Trá Mór (or Tramore) simply translates from Gaelic to "big beach" which explains why there are quite a few of them dotted around Ireland. This particular Tra Mor is located in a secluded corner of…

  • White Bay © Marta | BY-SA

    17. White Bay

    County Cork

    This secluded patch of sand and rocks is located on the eastern side of the mouth of Cork Harbour. Despite its proximity to the city White Bay is something of a hidden gem.Being a little off the beaten…

Please note: we would have preferred it if these beaches could have remained secret forever and would like to make it clear that the Beach Guide would never be the first to publish the details of any hidden beach.