Pembrokeshire secret beaches

You may have thought that secluded beaches with fine sand, crystal clear water and just the cry of the gulls for company were long gone, but they're not. Tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the Pembrokeshire coast are any number of unspoilt hidden gems where you can enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Here at the Beach Guide we have compiled a list of your favourite hidden beaches in Pembrokeshire that are just far enough off the beaten track to never get too busy.

Of course escaping the crowds may not be your only reason for visiting these little known spots. Not only are they a little tricky to find and get to, they are also some of the loveliest beaches in Pembrokeshire.

  • Musselwick Sands Beach © Hugh Chevallier | BY-SA

    1. Musselwick Sands Beach

    Marloes, Pembrokeshire

    Located close to Marloes village on the southern edge of St Brides Bay is the lovely sandy beach of Musselwick. Backed by the high cliffs of Wooltack Point and Nab Head the north-facing beach here is…

  • Church Doors Cove © N Chadwick | BY-SA

    2. Church Doors Cove

    Manorbier, Pembrokeshire

    Like neighbouring beaches along this stretch of the Pembrokeshire coast, Church Doors Cove is something of a geological wonder, and it is to this that the beach's name refers. The cove has sheer stratified…

  • Porthmynawyd Beach © Alan Richards | BY-SA

    3. Porthmynawyd Beach

    Newgale, Pembrokeshire

    Not far from Newgale Sands is Porthmynawyd, yet another idyllic little Pembrokeshire cove which only really comes into its own as the tide goes out. Then you will find a lovely stretch of golden sand…

  • Ceibwr Bay © Reading Tom | BY-SA

    4. Ceibwr Bay

    Cardigan, Pembrokeshire

    This remote little beach is mainly pebbles, although there are a few patches of shingly sand to be found. The beach sits at the end of a deep valley with cliffs extending far out along both sides of the…

  • Conigar Pit Beach © Ian S | BY-SA

    5. Conigar Pit Beach

    Manorbier, Pembrokeshire

    The secluded little Conigar Pit beach lies about halfway between the slightly better known beaches of Manorbier and Shrinkle Haven. It is formed of a twin cove tucked in behind Old Castle Head and joins…

  • Monk Haven Beach © Chris Gunns | BY-SA

    6. Monk Haven Beach

    St Ishmaels, Pembrokeshire

    Set at the end of a wooded valley near the village of St Ishmaels is a cove that is every bit as tranquil as its name - Monk Haven. This comes from a monastic settlement that existed here long ago. Whilst…

  • Mowingword Bay © Alistair Hare | BY-SA

    7. Mowingword Bay

    , Pembrokeshire

    About half a mile to the south of Barafundle Bay, on the far side of Stackpole Head, is Mowingword Bay. Relatively unheard of compared to its much vaunted neighbour the beach here rivals any in Wales.…

  • Porthmelgan Beach © Row17 | BY-SA

    8. Porthmelgan Beach

    , Pembrokeshire

    Just to the north of the popular Whitesands beach is the pleasant little cove of Porthmelgan. Only accessible from the coast path this is a great spot to escape the summer crowds. As with many of the…

  • Porthsychan Beach © Jeremy Bolwell | BY-SA

    9. Porthsychan Beach

    Fishguard, Pembrokeshire

    Set in a sheltered cove near the north-westerly tip of Pembrokeshire is the pleasant little beach of Porthsychan. What the beach lacks in sand (it is mostly shingle and pebble) it makes up for in charm.…

  • Presipe Bay © Ian S | BY-SA

    10. Presipe Bay

    , Pembrokeshire

    Presipe Bay is one of the beaches on the Pembrokeshire coast that can genuinely be described as a hidden gem. At low tide the beach here consists of a wide stretch of golden sand backed by stunning sandstone…

  • Swanlake Bay © Rob Lowe | BY-SA

    11. Swanlake Bay

    Tenby, Pembrokeshire

    Swanlake Bay beach is located in South Pembrokeshire and the only way to get here is to walk down the Pembrokeshire National Park Coastal Footpath. The closest car park is in Manorbier, so although it…

  • Traeth Llyfn Beach © Anthony Parkes | BY-SA

    12. Traeth Llyfn Beach

    Porthgain, Pembrokeshire

    Traeth Llyfn is one of the lesser visited beaches on this stretch of the Pembrokeshire coast, which is a shame as it is areal gem. In fact, the chances are you may well get this beautiful stretch of sandy…

  • Watwick Beach © Gordon Hatton | BY-SA

    13. Watwick Beach

    Dale, Pembrokeshire

    Watwick Bay is a small east-facing beach at the mouth of Milford Haven. It is set on the remote and narrow peninsula leading to St Annes Head. The beach is rather steep and is made up mostly of sand.…

  • Nolton Haven Beach © Tony Atkin | BY-SA

    14. Nolton Haven Beach

    Nolton Haven, Pembrokeshire

    Nolton Haven is a secluded sandy beach in the St Brides Bay area. It is set in a narrow inlet which is flanked by cliffs. The beach here is a mix of sand and pebbles but at low tide a narrow strip of…

  • Bullslaughter Bay © Alistair Hare | BY-SA

    15. Bullslaughter Bay

    Castlemartin, Pembrokeshire

    Despite the rather macabre sounding name, Bullslaughter Bay is actually a very pleasant little beach. Set in a cove of high limestone cliffs, punctuated by caves and arches this is a great spot for explorers…

  • Pen-y-Cwm Beach © Robin Lucas | BY-SA

    16. Pen-y-Cwm Beach

    Newgale, Pembrokeshire

    Pen-y-Cwm beach is located around a small headland from the better known Newgale beach. In fact this is probably the easiest way to reach the beach as it is accessible across the sand at mid to low tide.…

  • Marloes Sands Beach © Colin Park | BY-SA

    17. Marloes Sands Beach

    Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

    Stretching over a mile this expanse of golden sand offers some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere on the Welsh coast. Set on a peninsula that forms the south-westerly tip of Wales, Marloes Sands…

  • Skrinkle Haven Beach © Roman Grac | BY-SA

    18. Skrinkle Haven Beach

    Tenby, Pembrokeshire

    Skrinkle Haven beach sits between Old Castle Head and Lydstep Point and is located to the south-east of pretty Manorbier Village. There is a small bay here that is encircled by high cliffs and when the…

  • Porthselau Beach © John Morris | BY-SA

    19. Porthselau Beach

    St Davids, Pembrokeshire

    Porthselau is a small, largely sandy beach which is dotted with rock formations. It is located on the south side of greater Whitesands Bay. It faces north-west which means that you get excellent vistas…

  • Priory Bay, Caldey Island © Andrew King | BY-SA

    20. Priory Bay, Caldey Island

    Tenby, Pembrokeshire

    Priory Bay is a wide sandy beach set on an island a mile off the coast of Tenby. Caldey Island is owned by Cistercian (trappist) monks and is home to a surprisingly grand monastery. The only way to reach…

Please note: we would have preferred it if these beaches could have remained secret forever and would like to make it clear that the Beach Guide would never be the first to publish the details of any hidden beach.