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About Hebrides Beaches

With their remote and secluded beaches, dramatic scenery and abundant wildlife, the Hebrides are a paradise for nature lovers.

Hebrides, Scotland

The archipelago to the west of Scotland is not the place to go to lounge in the sun, although the Gulf Stream ensures that the weather is not as cold as it should be for a region this far north. Stunning natural beauty is the main draw to this area.

There are miles of hiking trails and terrain perfect for bracing hill climbing and biking.

The Hebrides are a dream come true for wildlife enthusiasts, particularly birdwatchers. It's possible to spot golden eagles, Atlantic puffins and white-tailed sea eagles. Seals can be found on the coasts, and there are plenty of red deer.

Those who appreciate a fine dram should not miss out on a visit to the island of Islay, famous for its malt whisky.

Various monuments will inspire a sense of the ancient lineage of these islands: the Callanish Stones on the Island of Lewis are an estimated 4,500 years old. The Dun Carloway broch, also on Lewis, is about 2,000 years old. Along with several medieval monuments, notably the high crosses on Iona, there is plenty to delight history buffs.