Best beaches in Isles Of Scilly

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Below are a list of the top 12 beaches in Isles Of Scilly as selected by the users of the Beach Guide website.

The current most popular beach in Isles Of Scilly is Pentle Bay. If you would like to have your say on which are the best beaches in Isles Of Scilly just follow the link to the beach and vote by clicking the star ratings at the top right of the page.

  • 1. Pentle Bay

    Pentle Bay © Toms_travels | BY-SA

    Pentle Bay has everything you would expect from a Scilly island beach; white sand, clear blue sea and barely another soul to be seen. The half mile crescent of sand is backed by low dunes and faces into the shallow and sheltered waters of the east coast of Tresco. One thing that keeps the beach…

  • 2. Green Bay

    Green Bay © Colin Park | BY-SA

    Green Bay, facing Tresco across the New Grimsby Sound, is a sandy beach with clear and very calm waters, ideal for launching kayaks and rowing boats, and offering safe anchorage for yachts.

    Snorkelling and diving are both popular.

    Small boats can be hired from Bennett's boat yard.

  • 3. Appletree Bay

    Appletree Bay © Paul Walter, Uk | BY-SA

    Set on the foreshore of Tresco Abbey with its sub-tropical gardens is Appletree Bay. This is yet another gem of the Scilly Isles with everything you would expect from these pristine beaches. The crescent of near white sand faces into the clear sheltered shallows of Tresco Flats, looking across to the neighbouring island of Bryher.…

  • 4. Pelistry Bay

    Pelistry Bay © Colin Park | BY-SA

    Pelistry Bay is a very unspoilt sandy beach on the east side of St Mary's. Usually deserted, with fine views of the Eastern Isles and an excellent cafe less than five minutes walk away. Toll's Island can be explored at low tide.

  • 5. Great Bay

    Great Bay © Richard Knights | BY-SA

    Great Bay is a large expanse of white sand, recently voted the best beach in the UK. Located on the north side of St Martin's, Great Bay is remote and utterly unspoilt.

  • 6. Porthcressa Beach

    Porthcressa © Colin Park | BY-SA

    Porthcressa is a golden sandy beach at the back of Hugh Town, the main town on St Mary's. There is a promenade above the beach, with a grassy area popular for picnics. Calm waters, sheltered on both sides by rocky outcrops, provide safe swimming and safe anchorage.

  • 7. Covean

    Covean © Oliver Dixon | BY-SA

    This magical little cove is tucked away just around the corner from The Bar and St Agnes' little harbour. The beach is the white sand you come to expect on the Scillies which soon gives way to a boulder-strewn sea bed making it perfect for snorkelling - and rockpooling when the tide is out. At…

  • 8. Rushy Porth Beach

    Rushy Porth © Ruth Riddle | BY-SA

    Rushy Porth, on Tresco, is a white sand beach overlooked by a sixteenth century blockhouse. The beach slopes up into dunes and offers panoramic views of St Helen's and Tean.

  • 9. The Bar Beach

    The Bar © Colin Park | BY-SA

    The Bar is a unique beach, being essentially a spit of pale white sand, which at low tide connects the islands of St Agnes and Gugh. When the tide is out, it is an excellent spot for bathing in the beautiful, turquoise, shallow waters, or for exploring the rock pools around the beach. However, when…

  • 10. Old Town Bay

    Old Town Bay © Bob Embleton | BY-SA

    Old Town Bay lies on the southern coast of St Mary's- the largest of the Isles of Scilly. The crescent-shaped beach, which is seldom busy, lies in a very sheltered position being flanked by Tolman Point and Penninis Head. This south-facing beach is a mixture of sand and rocks. At low tide a large area…

  • 11. Porth Hellick Beach

    Porth Hellick © John Rostron | BY-SA

    Porth Hellick Beach lies in a sheltered cove on the south-east of St Mary's; the largest of the Scilly Isles. This lovely, rural beach faces south-east and has a good stretch of coarse light golden sand which curves around the bay, almost forming a complete circle. The bay itself is very rocky and at low…

  • 12. Par Beach

    Par Beach © Lambert | BY-SA

    Par Beach, also known as Higher Town Bay, is a rural, sandy beach on St Martin’s, the third largest of the Scilly Isles. The south-facing beach offers stunning views over the uninhabited Eastern Isles. What makes this place special is the pale, almost white sand which contrast beautifully with the crystal clear, azure waters of…