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Best beaches in West Sussex

Below are a list of the top 10 beaches in West Sussex as selected by the users of the Beach Guide website.

The current most popular beach in West Sussex is Littlehampton West Beach. If you would like to have your say on which are the best beaches in West Sussex just follow the link to the beach and vote by clicking the star ratings at the top right of the page.

  • 1. Littlehampton West Beach

    Littlehampton West Beach

    Just across the River Arun from Littlehampton's East Beach, but a world away is West Beach. Whilst the sand and shingle may be the same as that just across the river you won't find any of the development and seaside "fun" over here. In fact this…

  • 2. Climping Beach

    Climping Beach

    Climping beach is a quiet rural beach located about halfway Littlehampton and Bognor. Like many of the beaches along this stretch of the Sussex coast it is made up of shingle and pebbles held in place by a series of wooden groynes. As the tide goes…

  • 3. Goring Beach

    Goring Beach

    The beach at Goring-by-Sea your classic West Sussex beach; a long stretch of pebbles and shingle separated by wooden groynes mark the high tide mark. Beyond this is an expanse of flat sand. To the rear of the beach is a large grassy area which is…

  • 4. Bognor Regis Pier Beach

    Bognor Regis Pier Beach

    As the name suggests Bognor Regis Pier beach is centred on the town's Victorian pier. Built in 1865 the pier once stretched 1000 feet out to sea. However, the years have taken their toll and what exists today is barely a tenth of that. The pier…

  • 5. Middleton-on-Sea Beach

    Middleton-on-Sea Beach

    A sandy beach set on the south coast just to the east of Bognor Regis.

  • 6. West Wittering Beach

    West Wittering Beach

    West Wittering is a large and unspoilt sandy beach with excellent views of Chichester harbour and the South Downs. Good facilities, extensive grasslands and tidal pools make this a popular choice for families. Kite surfing and windsurfing, beach…

  • 7. Littlehampton Beach

    Littlehampton Beach

    The mile long sand and shingle beach at Littlehampton is everything you would expect from a long established seaside resort. There is a promenade, amusements, theme park, well maintained seafront gardens and even the UK's longest bench. Yes, there…

  • 8. Bognor Regis West Beach

    Bognor Regis West Beach

    Bognor Regis' West beach is usually the quieter of the town's three beaches. As such it has a more laid back air about it, which only increases the further from the pier you walk. Like Bognor's other beaches, West beach consists of a sloping bank…

  • 9. East Wittering Beach

    East Wittering Beach

    East Wittering beach is typical of many beaches along England's south coast with its shelving shingle and wooden groynes. As the tide goes out expansive sand flats are revealed - the kind of sand that is perfect for building sand castles! There…

  • 10. Bognor Regis East Beach

    Bognor Regis East Beach

    Located to the east of the pier entrance, East Beach is Bognor Regis' most popular beach. Close to Bognor Regis town centre and adjoining a Butlins resort, East beach is backed by a promenade, with plenty of seating, toilets and other facilities.…