Best beaches in County Louth

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Below are a list of the top 12 beaches in County Louth as selected by the users of the Beach Guide website.

The current most popular beach in County Louth is Blackrock. If you would like to have your say on which are the best beaches in County Louth just follow the link to the beach and vote by clicking the star ratings at the top right of the page.

  • 1. Blackrock Beach

    Blackrock © Courtesy Blackrock Tourism

    Located just south of Dundalk, Blackrock was once a bustling seaside resort. In its heyday sand was imported to keep the beaches topped up and the visitors coming.

    These days things are a little quieter although there is still a pleasant sandy beach backed by a promenade. At the centre of the promenade is Blackrock's Millennium…

  • 2. Shellinghill Beach

    Shellinghill © Albert Bridge | BY-SA

    Set on part of Louth's most popular, yet unspoilt, stretch of coastline Templeton is named after the medieval crusaders, the Knights Templar. The sand and shingle south facing beach is sheltered from the wind and waves by low rocky headlands to either side. Templeton is patrolled lifeguards during the summer months. Also known as Templetown…

  • 3. Port Beach

    Port © Gordon Dunn | BY-SA

    Located just a few miles to the north of the fishing village of Clogherhead is a relatively remote expanse of sand known as Port beach. The beach here stretches for over a mile, although it feels even bigger with panoramic views to the Mourne mountains and backed by mature sand dunes and open countryside.

    Clean water…

  • 4. Clogherhead Beach

    Clogherhead © Jai | BY-SA

    The fishing village of Clogherhead is just close enough to Dublin to make it worth a day trip, but far enough to keep the crowds down. Clogherhead beach is a relatively sheltered sandy stretch which is backed by mature dunes. These are protected under the EU Habitats Directive as they are home to many interesting…

  • 5. Ladies Beach (Blackrock)

    Ladies © Mary And Angus Hogg | BY-SA

    The beach in front of St Oliver Plunkett's Church in Blackrock is known as either Priest's beach or Ladies beach. Whilst the first name might be self-explanatory the second one is down to Victorian modesty. Along with building a large sea wall to protect against flooding here a section of wall was built across the…

  • 6. Seapoint Beach

    Seapoint © Kieran Campbell | BY-SA

    Seapoint is a long, secluded, mostly sandy beach with some rocks. Running between Termonfeckin and Baltray, its length and width make it a popular spot for walkers who come here to enjoy the sea air in a quiet setting. The main attraction of the area is golf, with both Seapoint Golf Links and County Louth…