Tyne And Wear Jetski beaches

The beach guide has 3 jetski beaches listed in Tyne And Wear. Check here for all jetski beaches in the UK

  • Cullercoats ©

    1. Cullercoats Beach (Tynemouth)

    Cullercoats is a small, sandy, crescent-shaped beach, taking up most of Cullercoats Bay, which is enclosed at each end by small piers. At high tide the bay divides into two distinct North and South beaches. The bay has had a thriving fishing…

  • Sandhaven ©

    2. Sandhaven Beach

    Sandhaven is a long sandy beach lined with impressive sand dunes, located in South Shields, just south of the South Pier. The South Tyneside Heritage Trail crosses the beach. Birdwatching, surfing and windsurfing.

  • Roker (Whitburn South) ©

    3. Roker (Whitburn South) Beach

    Also known as Whitburn South, wide and sandy Roker Beach is one of the unsung hidden gems of the north east English coast. For those who tire of the beach, there's a model railway as well as a boating lake…