10 of the best UK jetski beaches

  • Cullercoats ©

    1. Cullercoats Beach (Tynemouth)

    Cullercoats is a small, sandy, crescent-shaped beach, taking up most of Cullercoats Bay, which is enclosed at each end by small piers. At high tide the bay divides into two distinct North and South beaches. The bay has had a thriving fishing…

  • Trimingham ©

    2. Trimingham Beach

    Trimingham is a secluded beach, largely owing to the challenge of finding and accessing it. Located at the end of a steep narrow lane it is easier to park at nearby Mundesley and walk along the coast.

    Despite being somewhat awkward…

  • Rushy Porth ©

    3. Rushy Porth Beach

    Rushy Porth, on Tresco, is a white sand beach overlooked by a sixteenth century blockhouse. The beach slopes up into dunes and offers panoramic views of St Helen's and Tean.

  • Benone Beach ©

    4. Benone Beach

    Magilligan Strand is a seven-mile stretch of sand backed by one of the largest dune systems in the UK. Popular with surfers, swimmers and walkers, the beach forms part of a local Nature Reserve.

    There is a cafe, a caravan park…

  • Barmouth ©

    5. Barmouth Beach

    Barmouth Beach sits on the idyllic west coast of North Wales and is nestled between craggy mountains and the often crashing sea. The beach is located in Snowdonia National Park and has a harbour area crossed by the impressive Barmouth…

  • The Strand Portstewart ©

    6. The Strand Portstewart Beach

    Widely regarded as one of the best beaches in Northern Ireland, Portstewart Strand is a long sandy beach perfect for sand castles, beach games, and picnicking. It stretches for two miles and is popular with walkers, surfers, horse-riders…

  • Knab Rock ©

    7. Knab Rock Beach (Swansea Bay)

    At the southern end of Swansea Bay, Knabs Rock lies adjacent to the delightfully-named village of Mumbles.  The sand and shingle beach here is backed by an extensive sea wall, alongside a car park and marina. 

    The car…

  • Sandhaven ©

    8. Sandhaven Beach

    Sandhaven is a long sandy beach lined with impressive sand dunes, located in South Shields, just south of the South Pier. The South Tyneside Heritage Trail crosses the beach. Birdwatching, surfing and windsurfing.

  • Saltburn ©

    9. Saltburn Beach

    Saltburn is a seaside resort with a rich heritage dating back to the Victorian heyday and beyond. The town was developed off the back of the Industrial Revolution and the local iron industry in particular. Whilst the boom times may have…

  • Pevensey Bay ©

    10. Pevensey Bay

    This rural, shingle beach about 5 miles north-east of Eastbourne is known to be the place where William the Conqueror landed in 1066 before the Battle of Hastings. During the 12th century, the former harbour was a busy commercial port,…